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Karim Khaldy
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The enemy made the mistake of being within 6.8km of me. A few updates ago they gave the Beta a dispersion buff to the secondary battery that turned it into a real machine, especially considering what torpedo range is at these tiers, how tight the maps are, etc. The only hard counter to her at this point is airpower. I end up taking the thing out at least once a day to farm CQE flags, it rarely disappoints.
I can't abide by an autoloader. The loader provides desired ammunition by verbal command, adds to situational awareness, is extremely mechanically reliable, allows ammunition to be stored on the other side of a blast door, is fast, and gives an additional machine gun topside of the tank. The autoloader lets you crew more tanks with less people, allowing for a smaller tank. There's an advantage in that, but I'm not convinced the tradeoff is worth it. I believe that logistically, it's easier to have an additional crew member to support (aside from food and water, once in the field you don't have to do a lot) than it is to have another piece of equipment to maintain. You know who is in favor of them? The Chieftain, of Wargaming fame, Nicholas Moran. I'll tag him to get his side of things.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2017 on Russian Autoloaders. at Bring The HEAT
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Aug 22, 2017
I always like hearing about the SW Pacific and the CBI. Much like the Italian campaign after Anzio, I feel like most histories omit a lot. Seems like it goes from Guadalcanal to the Philippines without mentioning anything in the SW Pacific and all we ever get about the CBI is some blurb about the Chindits.
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Feb 13, 2016