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Paris, Miami
Retired entrepreneur
Interests: Writing, art, travel, cuisine
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I am reading "Theodore Rex" now. He took over the presidency with a big ego. Fortunately he mostly managed to channel it in the right direction. He was much younger and better informed that Trump but, as I read the early chapters, I am surprised by how similar the conditions of the nation were and by his disdainful, noblese oblige attitude toward much of the lower classes. Hannah assumed that he would flame out with his "cowboy" mentality. I hope Trump does. Roosevelt was not perfect by any means but his strengths prevailed thank goodness. We are enjoying the bounty of his National Park system but his military misadventures shamed us.
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Excellent! Trump demonstrates the Achilles heel of Democracy that Adams and other founding fathers feared. Our instant media world today gives a huckster like Trump direct, unfiltered access to the uneducated masses who elect our politicians. Dangerous in the extreme! We have to stop him!
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Feb 15, 2016