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Jon Francis
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"If anyone finds a way to achieve practical two motor alternative that would be a fantastic achievement and sit alongside practical in wheel motor technology". Koenigsegg Regara's direct drive system has two YASA motors for drive. There is no gear reduction or differential... The Koenigsegg website states: "To supplement the energy from the combustion engine and to allow for torque vectoring, regenerative braking, extreme drivers response, reverse and energy conversion, there are three YASA developed electric motors. YASA´s axial flux motors are extremely power dense and allow for direct drive, making them a key-ingredient for the KDD. One YASA for each rear wheel, giving direct drive – this time electric – and one on the crankshaft, giving torque-fill, electrical generation and starter motor functionality. The three electric motors constitute the most powerful electrical motor set-up in production car history, replacing the gears of a normal transmission while adding; power, torque, torque vectoring and yet still able to remove weight".
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Feb 19, 2016