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It's good to be close to you both. This would be extra hard without family nearby.
Meanwhile, this alert reader just got a text from a member of her father's 20-something fan base asking, "Has your dad done DMT ?!? "
Beijing censors photo of crowds lining up at funeral home during CCP virus outbreak | China in Focus (GREAT CHANNEL for news) Start at 5:26 if you want to see the relatives lining up to pick up ashes of loved ones in Wuhan.
- opens the pdf - "Teacher, may I be excused to use the bathroom?"
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His poor family must be feeling whiplash after having such hope! They expected good news but ended up negotiating a new agreement with death, only to be surprised by this extremely sudden passing of their patriarch. I can only imagine how his sudden vacancy is affecting you and Mama. I'm sorry you had to write such sad news.
Seems that ratios are missing from the bar chart. That chart gives very little information other than totals. Are we were measuring how the USA is doing (apples to apples) in comparison to other countries? If so...we’d need to know percentages, not total numbers. Countries have vastly different populations, the existence of a BASIS number is missing. To solve a simple equation and get a no frills answer I’d, at minimum, ask: 1) How many students in each country graduated from college that year? 2) Of those graduates, how many earned degrees in a STEM area. From there we could compute a meaningful % number to see where counties REALLY RANK in cranking out STEM graduates.
He was either a liar, a lunatic or Lord. (<--- I didn't come up with that)
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2018 on He Is Risen! at Rebane's Ruminations
I don't think the twigs of this generation could have been bent more in tandem if they tried. On 60 minutes last night, extreme impatience in our youth was declared a virtue. The lead segment praised the quick results 'The Florida high schoolers' achieved in the states' detachment from the NRA and changing gun laws. The news reporter asked the young leaders how they were able to achieve results that far exceeded what the Sandy Hook parents have yet to accomplish. The answer was that these kids had an amazing ability to quickly organize, quickly connect, and quickly make decisions. The segment showed children holding nothing more than their smart phones (no bulletin boards, no check lists, no structure, no planning) and claimed the swift, non-partisan results were pulled-off because the kids have this amazing new standard of expecting immediate results. Without critical thinking skills, this generation can be spoon fed information and can be relied upon to react instantly. In my daily interaction with this age group I see no interest in the data that backs up the information they believe in. Apparently unlimited access to data, doesn't increase their demand for precision of INFORMATION used to solve problems. So sure are they that they've been educated and properly informed, they self confidently click their way out of a free future. If is really exists, I give an A+ to any entity that actually set out to achieve this spectacular result so soon. My faith in the organizational skills of the REgressive socialist education system isn't even that great.
JonS 918pm You're welcome! My lifelong proximity to George provided a literal front row seat to his university of knowledge. As one of his sharpest critics, I can vouch for his ability to sit still and listen to someone tell him how many ways from Sunday "he was wrong". He never attacked me as a person, he sat still & he listened to my frequent arguments against his beliefs. He's an intellectually and physically imposing figure. At 6'4" he towered over me as a child, yet I was never afraid or turned away when I would emotionally present him with 'my case'. Bet you can imagine how many times my case was against HIM as a person?! He asked me questions, explained his beliefs and his only critique was to encourage me to form my thoughts better. In debates I never heard dismissive words like "Shut-up" or "Because I said so, now get our of here!". I think he wants us all to exercise our brain bones better & become really good critical thinkers. He has faith in the critical thinking process, and is genuinely curious as to how we come to our conclusions. I was captive & sometimes reluctant student of Dr. George Rebane for 18 years. As it's turned out I ended up choosing to be a student for the most of the following 34 years. I wasn't forced to like an elephant more than a donkey, but if I preferred the donkey, I'd been taught how to defend my reasons. I think this blog may have even started for my sister and me. It's a place for us to go and hear "What Daddy thinks of something". So think of your comments as a gift to me to read long after he's gone. I may be one of the few people who goes back and back and back again to read his posts because his voice will read it aloud in my mind. This is his legacy to his children, grandchildren (6) and great-grandchildren (4), so perhaps that explains WHO he is speaking to and why such urgency. I just take a seat & enjoy my spot. Although I rarely post, I daily read. Aren't we are all just a little more fortunate to pull up a stool to this URL and hear to what George Rebane thinks about something?
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2018 on Stephen Hawking, RIP at Rebane's Ruminations
jons 832am -So George says "Rest in Peace" to a dead genius who lived with a horrible illness and immediately gets attacked for being insincere? (Totally understanding now why he makes a sandbox to throw sand in.) If you personally knew George or paid attention to the fact that he celebrates (and makes room for) all great thinkers without having to agree with every thought they have, you'd also know an unquenched curiosity within him as he humbly believes in & seeks relationship with a sentient Creator who can be 'known'. Hawking's discoveries about our universe could add to the discovery of its Creator; the 'I am' that WAS before there ever was such a thing as TIME. Great thinkers compound their knowledge, build on each other and provide an ever higher platform for the young thinkers to start their curiosity driven discovery. His intellectual peers seem to believe Hawking raised the platform really high. Wishing a man to rest in peace is something you deem George not capable of solely because he disagrees with some of the mans thoughts? If you think that's true, so much of this blog might be lost on you JonS and that's sad. I too have made space for the thoughts posted here. He's sometimes intentionally offensive and writes with an urgency that seems aggressive. But hey, it's his blog and he gets to do whatever he wants. The one thing I can say is that he's consistent and reasonable, he has a credo, and he lives by it well. He will make the time to listen to others and change his mind if he gets new information. If you think he's kidding when he asks you a question, I can assure you that no frivolous word escapes his fingers. Answer him. If what you accuse George of is actually your process of thinking, then wouldn't you expect him to throw sand back at you? He doesn't. I'm wiping the sand out of my eye as you suggest, "I take it ALL personally, and conclude that everyone thinks just like I do!" Everyone is probably genuinely curious to hear what your original thoughts are Jon S. (In my youth, if I threw sand when frustrated all the kids kinda moved away from 'that angry girl'. To redeem myself, I had to build a good sand castle that was sturdy & defendable. I loved digging moats and drawbridges now that I think of it. :) Throwing sand was easy, building an interesting sand castle that stayed up was harder and took patience & time.) As a tribute, Curiosity Stream (through March 23rd) is allowing free access to Stephen Hawking's Emmy award winning 3 part series called Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places. I watched the 3 - 30 min segments with the long awaited final part 3. It's here for us all. As you'll see... Hawking made no part four. My guess is, he's there. May he rest in peace.
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2018 on Stephen Hawking, RIP at Rebane's Ruminations
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