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Keep us posted. Thank you for the blog site. It's been very helpful.
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2016 on Managing Training Using TSB at Joe Friel
That's good, now I feel more comfortable with my perception. Is CIL going to be incorporated into the PMC at some point in the future as an alternative option? Thanks
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2016 on Managing Training Using TSB at Joe Friel
Thank you, Joe. For the record, I'm mostly training for hill climbing events, some as short as 12 to 13 miles with around 4000-plus feet in elevation. Maybe that is high enough intensity and short enough duration to skew the PMC? On a weekly basis, I average between 150 to 200 miles with an elevation gain of ~15,000 feet. I feel enough fatigue when a training session includes a .95 IF-one-hour-climbing segment to require two days of rest. I'll take one on-the-bike recovery day and one off the bike. My TSS will range close to 200 on these more intense days. The PMC TSB do not jibe with perception.
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2016 on Managing Training Using TSB at Joe Friel
Thank you for the explanation regarding metrics, Joe. My FTP for most of the last several months has been around 265 watts. (I've entered a value of 265 for the threshold value under the TrainingPeaks settings.) In addition to a static FTP, new PRs on Strava were becoming a thing of the past. Throughout much of this period, my TSB had been in the Optimal training zone between -10 and -20. I came to believe my fatigue was greater than that indicated by the PMC, and began taking more recovery. With the increased rest, much of my training has continued with a TSB in the Freshness zone. Since then, over the past three weeks, I have begun achieving new PRs and my latest FTP test measured improvement at 272. Perhaps I'm mistaken in what I make of this experience, but it seems to reason that the PMC is not telling the entire story when it comes to TSB values and true levels of fatigue for all individuals. Are metrics infallible when it comes to measuring fitness and fatigue in everybody? Could I not be an exception and the "something wrong" is within the algorithm itself? Thank you
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2016 on Managing Training Using TSB at Joe Friel
Hi Joe, I've very much enjoy analyzing my PMC and one thing I've noticed is my TSB score often falls within the grey zone given my training schedule of two days a week with intense efforts. If I push it into the green zone very far, I'm feeling too fatigued and can't achieve solid high-intensity efforts. I'm 60-years of age. I generally get the impression your zone recommendations are tailored to younger riders. I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents in making the point for us older riders that for adequate recovery, what is the green zone for some can become the red zone for others! I can easily overtrain if not careful. My point is TSB zones need to be somewhat age based or depict greater overlap. We each need to focus more on how we feel than perhaps what our PMC might be indicating. Then we can define our individual colors on the TSB scale. Cheers
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2016 on Managing Training Using TSB at Joe Friel
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Feb 26, 2016