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I have a friend who is SWAT in California, he told me that "through the grapevine" he's heard DOJ is going to push for a framework for confiscation. He said it didn't sound imminent but that was their plan.
David Habakkuk, I had heard of the khodorkovsky connection which set of my alarms. I watched an interview with Weiss and he is such a transparent shill and yet is treated with deference as he puts forward narratives such as Russia running a salaafist rat line from Central Asia to Syria. Thank you for the Weiss bio and links. It's a Minefield of Borgist cow patties out there.
Colonel, First off thank you for the needed context, insights and experience shared by you and your regular posters here. It has been a hugely valuable resource for me in trying to make sense of the Borgist agenda and it's increasingly desperate flailings. I came upon this story in which claims that the FSB has been working with dagestani jihadis to ratline them down to Turkey and Syria since the beginning of hostilities in Syria. This seems counter to Russian interests and it's recent military actions. If you or anyone else here has time to scan the article I would appreciate any comments as to whether there is any validity to the interviewees sited in the piece. Or if it is pure Borgist hokum. Thanks.
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Mar 6, 2016