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Christopher D. Hetherington
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An inquiry: Regarding books-in-series, how would the ardent referencer cite a book from a series, within a series? A variety of academic institutes release publications under series and secondary series titles. Though I've found a few solutions to the problem, I am interested in garnering your insight. For example, This title is part of the numbered series Studies and Texts, under the numbered series Mediaeval Law and Theology. How would you cite? Additionally, in the front cover section of the book, beneath the text "Mediaeval Law and Theology 7", four "General Editors" are given: Alexander Andrée, John F. Boyle, Joseph Goering, and Giulio Silano. Perhaps the easiest solution might be to omit all the subsidiary series information altogether. However, I take great delight in hand typing the best reference possible. Your thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you.
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Mar 9, 2016