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Clive Thompson talks about small format of books in 18th century and how book format to which we are accustomed replaced the previous format. However, now eBooks supersede all other book formats. When long books with large pages appeared, it have become more expensive and people have started to take these books with the hope that this book will recoup their costs. Now eBooks have an undeniable advantage over other formats of books. It is happened because of its handiness. Now read the book you can use any device that you carry with you. This book format has many advantages, begin with saving space and number of books that you can take with you, and end with opportunity to change the font type and size. People in 18th century used small format of books because it is easy to carry these books, and now we use same format but on our devices. Another plus of electronic copies of the book lies in the fact that the document errors can be easily corrected.
I partially agree with Pullum. He talks about technologies and artificial intelligent, and he argue that technologies helps us a lot; however, sometimes, there is too much help. The more humanity lives, the more it relies on technology. Machines that can produce thousands of operations per second, tell us obvious things such as “You have one new message,” says voicemail service; and then it says “Message One: … ”. However, if there is only one, you do not need to number them (Pullum). In addition, Pullum gives us another example with the elevator. Mostly he is right, but not in all. When machines give us addition or obvious information, it might be helpful for people with all sorts of diseases. It may even be useful for those who are simply distracted at the time of first notification. I also think that it is save power when developing these devices, and hence the price of the device will be more accessible. Pullum provide his idea very clear, and give us hyperlinks to all concepts than he mention in his essay.
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Mar 14, 2016