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Elephant Nature Park,
Still wandering, still curious
Interests: Animal compassion, civil rights, social justice, New Yorker cartoons, writing, international literary fiction.
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Having been connected to RSSB since the late 70s, I have been active on and off; belief/acceptance waxing and waning, but never quite comfortable in the post-Charan Singh era. A few incidents in the past few months have pushed me away, but this last one was truly repelling. At the March 2016 session at Dera, a questioner in evening meeting asked Gurinder Singh about his position on spaying/neutering dogs and cats, especially the homeless population. He spoke out directly AGAINST that practice. I know the questioner to be active in the animal compassion movement, and that she volunteers at shelters both in Asia and the U.S., and is painfully aware of the conditions of homeless street dogs around the world. When she asked, "Do you really think that the Delhi railway station needs 100 more homeless dogs this year," he told her to stop playing god, let them be "free. Given that the word "compassion" appeared in every satsang during the session, that position on the matter seems indefensible, and one that suborns misery, abuse, and suffering. I posit that freedom only exists when there are choices, and vulnerable street animals basically have no choices at all. If there is a way to see this position as other than backward, wilfully ignorant, destructive, and hypocritical, I am as yet unaware of it. What's next, anti-vaccination and anti birth control for humans? Anyway, Brian, thanks for your work and thoughts over the years, and especially for your most recent piece. Time for me, like you, to be my own guru.
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Apr 9, 2016