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Thanks Joe - Yeah, sorry for all the questions. I knew about your rule of thumb to "make your training increasingly like your race" the closer you get to race day. But it didn't seem right to just drop that 2-3 hours out of my week altogether, nor risk switching all of those hours over to running either. The incline walking is more similar to running than cycling is, so maybe I can move some of the time over to that. It's also fairly low risk injury-wise. This blog post just happened to pop up right when I was giving this some thought.
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Joe - As is often the case, your blog post is very topical to something I've been thinking about recently. I am less than 5 weeks out of my goal marathon, and during this training cycle, as with previous cycles, I typically add about 2-3 hours to my week of cross training in the form of cycling and incline treadmill walking (a bit of swimming early on). All easy/recovery zone, as measured by HRM. I'm injury-prone and my thinking on this has always been it allows me to have more volume but at less risk from the running. But with 5 weeks to go, I've been wondering recently what would best serve me in those 2-3 hours per week: Choice 1 - Keep the same schedule and plow forward (I drop all cross training 10 days out regardless) Choice 2 - Keep 1 and drop the other (i.e. keep the incline walking but drop the cycling) Choice 3 - Drop them both and only do the prescribed run workouts from here on out. My problem is what do I do with those 2-3 extra hours a week? Replace the cross training with easy runs? Keep the incline walking but replace the biking with easy runs? I'm not sure what would benefit me the most here in this home stretch. Would appreciate any comments/suggestions, thanks as always.
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Apr 11, 2016