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David Holmes
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Hi Chad Another fabulous post that's got my mind racing. A couple of questions: 1. If I do want to 'roll my own' PAAS stack, then Is Neutrino still right for me if NHC isn't? 2. If I've made an investment in Mesos, can I still leverage this with the PCF integrations delivered through EMC{code} et al? 3. Presumably, as a developer I can lean hard into NHC without caring at all which underlying IAAS (OpenStack, Photon, Apache) my IT ops team prefers? PS your last two links (to the demo and Neutrino post) didn't make it into the post :-)
As I walked into the keynote yesterday, I said to a colleague "you know, the only primary storage product that isn't all-flash is Isilon, I wonder when that will happen?" Then 14 minutes later it did...
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May 5, 2016