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I cannot believe that we are going to do the final presentation in less than 4 hours with Drew and AACSRE team, I cannot even believe that I will be finishing the last project in my graduate study. Almost the same time in last year, I went to the United States and started my graduate life. I can even remember at the beginning of the fall semester in 2015, I can barely understood what my classmates said in class, and I was not comfortable with the way to do assignments and the way professors interact with students since there is... Continue reading
Posted Aug 9, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
Last week we added a lot of contents in our final report and started to finish up all things, I am glad that we revised the brand strategy road map again and again until we finally align with our client, while we took a lot of detours, we promptly corrected mistakes, after all we still have a chance to do this before the final presentation. We have also been extremely disappointed, we thought we cannot make our client satisfy whatever we do, but look at what we have now, we pretty much have everything, just have to organize all the... Continue reading
Posted Aug 1, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
After we sent out the modified version of brand strategy road map, we finally had some agreements on our projects, we decided to put more focus on collaboration and multi disciplinary approach when messaging for AACSRE,which is a a good thing for us, at least it proves that our deliverable are in align with our client's expectation. However, I still have some concerns regarding the target audience that they want AACSRE to reach out to, from their current initiatives such as the emerging fellows program, on-line signage course or the signage journal, I don't see these activities can be attracting... Continue reading
Posted Jul 25, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
We had the third conference meeting with our client Patty yesterday, we worked so hard last week for this meeting, We finished more than half of our deliverable and prepared to report the progress to her yesterday, but I have to say that our meeting were not going well as we expected, we had some insights based on the responses from our interviewees, after we told these insights to Patty and Dr. Dixon, they seemed quite unsatisfied with what we found from the interviews, but that is something that we can not control, we can only made recommendations based on... Continue reading
Posted Jul 20, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
Yesterday I had a team meeting with Mariah and Mu, I wanted to see if there is something that I can add in this blog so I am writing it today. After sharing the work that we have done for this week, I feel like last week was the one that we made the most progress among past weeks, Mariah did a great job on the social media strategy, she applied the knowledge that we learned in E-Marketing class and made a clear PPT slides, which I think can be a great starter for our presentation. Mu had some good... Continue reading
Posted Jul 13, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
This week we had some progress, we have scheduled 5 interviews and took two interviews today, I had one interview with Dr. Chris Auffrey, which is a board member of AACSRE, we also had the project review 2 with Drew this afternoon, he is really helpful helping us develop 4 value propositions to meet with our client's goal, after knowing Patty's attitudes regarding the quantitative interview, Drew said we can pass with it, which relieves me a lot, I am not saying it's not important, I just don't want to spend time doing things that our client is not happy... Continue reading
Posted Jul 5, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
We had the second phone meeting with Patty and Dr. Dixon yesterday, after the meeting we clarified a lot of questions and made things much more clear. They insist not to let us spend too much time trying to understand the whole signage industry but rather contact and interview some academic professors to dig out their opinions for the qualitative interview. We also enabled Patty and Dr. Dixon to join in our google doc to observe and guide our processes, then Patty gave us a list of people to contact. This morning, we sent out emails to all of them... Continue reading
Posted Jun 28, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
After having the Skype meeting with Professor Boyd, I thought we had a great resource to guide every steps for our project, we just need to gather ideas and plans and start implementing them, but our problem is that we don't know a lot about this industry. Besides, after four weeks(about 1/3 time of this project) I am really getting anxious and want to do something meaning, I can also feel the same emotion from Mu and Mariah. We sent an email to Patty asking if she can help us to reach people who use signage or from signage industry... Continue reading
Posted Jun 20, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
AACSRE Week 3 Last week we received an email from our client Patty, she asked about our current status for the project, I can see her concern for the progress, I admit that we were somehow confused and had a slow progress in the last two weeks because of the lack of information, but I think we will make some progress soon. We had a skype meeting with Professor Boyd last Saturday, we talked about the current status and our confuses for our project, we told him that our client wants to build brand awareness, then he gave us a... Continue reading
Posted Jun 13, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
Project Review 1 After the initial meeting with our client AACSRE and our first charter, my mind is getting more clearly right now, our overall goal is to create a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach out four buckets, and developing brand awareness is the biggest task for our client. They have some ideas and activities that will be launched soon to accomplish their goals, which give us some clues about how to build up our comprehensive strategy. The current problem that I feel for AACSRE is that it doesn't have too much brand awareness and brand identity, personally I feel... Continue reading
Posted Jun 8, 2016 at CAPSTONE!
The Capstone client that we are serving for this semester is AACSRE, The Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research and Education, I am happy to work with Patty, Mariah, and Mu. Before the initial conference call, I went to their website to draw a client profile in my mind. AACSRE is an national non-profit organization that grew out of The Signage Foundation. The purpose of AACSRE is to provide independent leadership for the development of new knowledge and educational experiences in order to advance the science, technology, art/advertising, and regulation of signage. Before our initial meeting, I asked Patty... Continue reading
Posted May 30, 2016 at CAPSTONE!