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Christian J.
Better to have been left to retire..
Interests: Potentiate the safe space mentality of SJWs..
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Still cowtowing(sic) to feminist propaganda I see. Shorten would ban Men's sports if he could get away with it. The SEXIST attitudes of Labour's useful idiots and feminist drones is way past sickening. A prime example of "women's sports", which the majority of people do NOT watch, including females, lives off the back of Men's sports because they are unable to get supporters to watch. The Wimbledon Tennis tournament is a prime example of women once again receiving "SPECIAL" treatment where they play just TWO sets to the Men's FIVE sets and yet receive the same PRIZE MONEY. The sexism is rife and Bill Shorten wants to ensure that that BIAS and SEXISM is shoved down the throats of everyone AGAIN. What a SEXIST hypocrite he is..
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May 29, 2016