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Mare Blu
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Very nice. As usual, I learn a great deal of Italian from each of your posts. One question on the English translation of “acqua passata non macina più”. You said (past water no longer grinds) but wouldn't it rather be the water that has already *passed* the mill that is no longer capable of grinding? Thanks.
Hello Diana, I'm enjoying reading your book, laughing a lot, learning a lot. I'm in the middle of the opera chapter just now and had to stop and ask a question. You describe hooking your husband on opera through listening to the Saturday Met broadcasts. That's how I got hooked, too. Here's my question: Who was the announcer on those broadcasts you listened to? When I listened all those many years ago the announcer was Milton Cross. He was responsible for hugely educating me and creating an ongoing love for the music and the art. I'll never forget him. Thanks so much. Mary
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May 30, 2016