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I know I'm a little late to the party here, but while I agree that this meltdown is mostly intentional, no one's brought up the most likely reason, given that the only thing Il Douche cares about is money. Being elected President is directly contrary to his financial interests. The traditions (laws? I don't know) of disclosure and putting assets into trusts while in office can only hurt Trump's companies. By all accounts they're constantly teetering on the brink of losing access to Other People's Money & need daily pampering, and I suspect most of the high valuations are more hype than real (case in point: golf courses). Also, if the disclosures show that he's only worth $800 million, he'd be the laughingstock of the entire world, permanently tarnishing his "brand." I doubt he would get another TV show ever again, unless it starred him living in a cardboard box on the 18th fairway at the Trump National Golf Club.
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Jun 6, 2016