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Love white furniture..looks classy. Now my children have left home I can indulge my passion.. until the grandchildren arrive! ;) Lovely article.
Great idea! Love it ;)
I could spend all day in that room! It's fabulous.. love the use of color and how tidy it is! Is it always that tidy or .. was it just for the photograph? ;) Love it though ;)
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2016 on And It's A Wrap... at Prima
Fab post! I wish I could have a conversation with my younger self... when my daughter (who is now 24) was a newborn baby... to tell myself to enjoy those years as much as I could... I was so busy back then.. but she is a gorgeous, kind and well balanced adult.. so maybe I didn't do such a bad job ;) Thanks for your thought provoking post :)
Sounds like a lovely man.. There are people who walk this planet with an old soul who just lift your day.. you may only have a brief meeting with them.. by chance even.. but they make an impression on you that lasts.. Sx
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Jun 25, 2016