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Bikinis not Burkas
Sydney Australia
Islam is Evil
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O/T Finally the NSW Government is going to top themselves as an act of kindness to the environment. Will it be a Jim Jones mass event or will they go quietly at home with one of the demon plastic bags and a zip tie? May democracy reign instead of the dictatorship we have now. (they say you do, or they send out their thugs with guns)
Israel, Sydney not much difference except there are no bus bombings here YET!
I have emailed the United Australia Party about there stance on the MURDEROUS IDEOLOGY of ISLAM. There reply is a shit that is too hard to answer!
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2022 on Election set for 21 May at Michael Smith News
The easiest way to remove him would be to say he blasphemed, gone in less than 1 day! Keep your eyes open to keep your head on! On This Day... Apr 09, 2017: Tanta, Egypt Suicide bombers massacre worshippers at two Palm Sunday church services: 45 Killed
Here is a Facebook post every Australian must look at. THEY are HERE, be afraid and angry what the Australian Governments have let in to OUR country! You don't need a Facebook account to look at it!
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Jun 28, 2016