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This is how you handle 3 yr old kids.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2022 on Biden. at Michael Smith News
Easy, stop the vaccines and you stop the destruction of our self immunity which in turn will stop the spread of the virus, regaining our self immunity will keep the Mpox contained to those who deserve it and Labor will always suffer from from foot in mouth disease anyway, oh, and to fix the virus allow the medical fraternity to prescribe Ivermectin and Zinc at the earliest possible opportunity instead of sending patients home with no treatment at all to swell the No. of hospitalized to convince us to accept the JAB.
Anyone notice that this pox spread has occurred after the vaccines have destroyed our immune systems, just one more coincidence no doubt.
I am no admirer of Putin but just to play the devil's advocate for a moment, what would happen if Russia installed half a dozen Bio-labs in Mexico?
Hey Gussie they were FBI, feds, notice 31 men not one beard, not one long hair, not one overweight fatty, not one carrying a weapon and all within a narrow age group arriving in one vehicle from multiple states and one photographed carrying an electric megaphone with an FBI label on it, and finally no one charged, wake up sucker.
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2022 on New York. The jungle. at Michael Smith News
Just a coincidence that no action was taken by that Democrat donating cop just days before the annual NRA convention.
I just sent $200 to my Granddaughter for her 16th birthday ( she is saving hard for a car) I can imagine the excitement when she opens the card and sees the notes and also how else can I send money to a 16 year old who obviously does not have a card, no doubt the banks would like to get their hands on it all, have you ever stopped to think of the end game of digitizing money,it takes all cash from the little people and hands it to the banks, the banks then loan it to the billionaires, they in turn use it create even larger profits that pay for robotics in their factories so they operate without the need for us, we lose.
Toggle Commented May 28, 2022 on See you later Woollies at Michael Smith News
I got the Delta version before Xmas, because I'm 84 years old I knew beforehand that it would be deadly for me so I managed to buy the contents of the kits India used to beat it before the local customs blocked delivery (lovely people) the kits contained Zinc, Doxycycline vitamin D and IVERMECTIN (among other things) the Indian Govt. organized teams to deliver this door to door all free of charge with extra available at any pharmacy for maximun price of $2.50 aust. if you go to "" you can see how every country handled the pandemic, India with 2.4 billion people eradicated it, have a look, they do not have a virus problem, they were hit hard with Delta and Omicrom and eradicated them both, funny how the MSM have not noticed this, I suffered the 1st 2 days and beat it in 4.
His good buddy oil friends of Saudi Arabia, Iran and The United Arab Emirates will be suitably impressed, even the Taliban will be in awe of the wisdom of this...this...person.
Glen please note that Albanese and his cohorts now refer to him as "The Leader", so you are quite correct.
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2022 on Smartarses laughed at him. at Michael Smith News
Hey Enyaw, if you're under 5 you only have about 80 years left, start worrying, it's required.
Julian Assange was never charged with rape, when he left Sweden he checked with the police 1st if he was free to leave, in fact he has never been charged with anything, the US is dark that he released the video named "collateral murder" if you have not seen it check the net and be shocked that the US tried everything to cover it up, killing around 15 civilians including 2 Reuters journalists from a helicopter, all the fuss about endangering undercover assets was invented by the US to cover their embarrassment, if all journalists refused to release inside information the media would empty, incidentally the US wants to charge him with treason, as he is not a citizen of the US that is rubbish.
At 84 I always knew if I caught the Peking pox it would be the end game so 9 months I started taking vitamin d and zinc pills, also searched for Ivermectin, finally found a supply from another country, Ziverdo blister packs of 3 medicines,bulk buy only,got the Pox 3 weeks ago, got up the following morning and agonized between going to Dr. who would give me no medicine at all and tell me to wait for 4 days to see if it went away, it is stressed that ivermectin should be administered within 24 hours before the virus gets into the cells, so bypassed the system and took the pills with fingers crossed,long story short,beat it in 4 days, fully recovered after 9, to see just how good this stuff is look at the stats for Indonesia, 200 million people and less cases than Australia. Texas starting official tests, that should throw the cat amongst the pigeons.
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2021 on WHO fear porn at Michael Smith News
More power to Barnaby, the only politician with the guts to speak out, what Assange did was publish information freely given to him, journalists do it every day, the video known as "Collateral murder" proves that its publishing was fully justified, if you have not seen the video I urge you to seek and watch, it shows shocking scenes of cowboy helicopter pilots shooting innocent civilians, Reuters journalists and kids, the world needed to see this, and the US will never forgive him for showing it.
2 things on the Gateway Pundit this morning, 1st Brandon reading a speech from Bob Dole from his prompter at Dole's memorial service, at the end of the speech he actually says "the end,end of note" No.2 same service Harris and partner walk in and take up standing in front of their respective chairs, Brandon and nurse walk in, pass close in front with no recognition or eye contact, stop at their prearranged chairs which puts Brandon next to his VP, there is a quiet whisper between Brandon and nurse and they very slowly change places to get him further away from Harris, I said yesterday, she's out!
Toggle Commented Dec 9, 2021 on He's not well at Michael Smith News
How about this, Biden wont last till 2024 so at some stage Harris would become President, she is very unpopular and has no chance of winning even with massive fraud so get her to retire to spend more time with her family, appoint Hillary as VP then Brandon, after crapping his pants in public also retires and good ole Hill gets to fight the next election as President, bet you can't sleep tonight now.
In reply to Dennis Thompson, full information of Ivermectin studies, not selective as most are, note that used as a prophylactic it has an overall 85% success rate, 1 pill with water half hour before breakfast repeat on day 7 and every 6 months, this was used in Indonesia and though the MSM wont tell you they went from 50,000 cases p/day in May to now less than Victoria with 200mil people, Bali is now advertising for tourists, practically virus free.
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2021 on High Drama detected in NSW! at Michael Smith News
In reply to "Another Ian",the judge would have been dark that the prosecution introduced late evidence from drone footage of such low definition that the prosecutor was able to claim Kyle was pointing his gun and aiming at someone thus making him the aggressor, he stood and aimed the gun at the jury to show how it would feel to have someone do that to you, it was after the jury retired that it came to light that the original drone footage was actually in high definition and showed the prosecutor was making the whole thing up, the prosecution had tampered with the evidence, from that moment, no matter what the verdict had been the defense would have filed for a mistrial with prejudice and the case would have been dismissed never to be brought again, the judge just added his personal feelings of disgust.
So true,
Anyone remember about 9 months back when Indonesia was in dire trouble, hospitals full and short of oxygen,people dying everywhere and then they issued Ivermectin kits at a few dollars and told the people take take them before becoming sick and again if they did get sick just as in some regions of India which have achieved similar results and western govs. have banned it because they want to keep the fear going, by the way Florida according to the MSM is in a terrible state because of the Governor Ron DeSantis applying no stupid virus mandates,they now have the lowest case rates in the entire country, they never had lock-downs or mask mandates and the economy is booming,tells you everything you need to know.
Let's see now, Vic pop. 6.6 million, longest lockdown in the world, 1,763 new cases yesterday and Soros financed Strong City thugs introduced to "suppress dissension", vs India's Uttar Pradesh region of 204 million which had 17 new cases yesterday, since the spike in May they introduced an Ivermectin kit, hmmn, there must be something to learn here I just can't seem to grasp it.
Julie you are quite right, if you go to the Strong Cities website you see that part of their stated mission is to "suppress dissension", you can pick them out by the helmets which look a little like world war 2 German helmets with the extended rear, they seem to be the ones shooting rubber bullets, they are obviously under no control for brutality
Hey Mantaray old son, on the money, could not have put it better myself.
This explains the Victorian police actions firing rubber bullets at protesters, if you saw the video you should take note of the peculiar helmets the firing line were wearing and compare with the helmets in this article. If you go to the 'Strong Cities' website you will find part of their stated mission is to "suppress dissension", of course Soros is involved.