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And they expect this to stop the protests? It will fuel them, this time the whole world is watching and the more extreme the actions the more world opinion will be swing behind the protestors.
Hi Michael, has anyone noticed there is a path for Hillary Clinton to become President of the US? when the dust has settled on the current bunch of yahoos the contender simply announces his running mate for VP is HC, the payoff would be almost unlimited finance (she is about to hold a dinner with seats up to $50,000 ea) and the full backing of the DNC. the catch is the contender retires after 2 years due to ill health and HC becomes President.Far fetched? Which of the yahoos would not jump at the chance for unlimited finance and complete media approval to be president for 2 years? Please God let me be wrong!
I realize this post is out of place but in order to make a point this is why the US badly want Julian Assange.
For those unfamiliar with the full story Assange has never been charged with a single crime, he was wanted for questioning by Swedish authorities for a setup rape accusation (a condom broke during consensual sex and he did not stop)that is all.Check the internet for a video called "collateral murder" which shows a US helicopter team killing innocent civilians in Iraq, beware that this video will make strong men cry for them shooting kids,I still do. Chelsea Manning was employed by the US intelligence service and came across this video in a group of files, was so disgusted she gave it to Assange to release through Wikileaks, he being a journalist did just that. The US was so incensed that the whole world saw just what they had covered up they intervened and helped push the rape charge because Sweden has an extradition agreement with the US and if they could have got their hands on him they would hand him straight to the US. His only "crime" was to inform the world of an atrocity.If taken to the US he will spend the 1st. 12 months in solitary confinement (Chelsea Manning did)_which in his present state could kill him.
So he defeated 2 Liberal prime ministers, good God we've spent the last 6 years under a Labor government and I never realized.
Michelle 2, since day one Obama has used every opportunity and media interview to ridicule Trump as have his cohorts Comey Clapper Clinton and the other usual suspects. Obama went quiet a couple of months back the others have followed more recently even the media is now subdued. The reason I believe is the momentum (or energy as you would phrase it)is now reversed to where the perpetrators of this giant attempt to manipulate justice are themselves under close scrutiny, as the next chapter of the saga unfolds watch the increasing number of people retiring for "health" or to "spend more time with their family", 'the wheels of God grind slowly but they grind exceeding small'.
The way he will do it is this, he has already said that he will sign on to the UN compact for immigration so when the UN orders Australia to take many more immigrants he will simply say he must abide by their legal obligations, no fault of his if the country's overrun by Somalians and other such worthy new citizens.
Do these people really have no idea how sad, stupid and reviled they are or do they actually believe they are doing humanity a service? One look at that idiot's face really tells it all. Imagine how proud a father would if his daughter dragged something like that home.
Have done so, hope you can relax a little over Xmas Michael, thanks for the fighting spirit.
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Hey people, old news, just read Scott Morrison 'done with Turnbull after Wentworth and will no longer be representing Australia at international conference. Daily Telegraph breaking news. Hope for Scotty yet.
Remember when he gave everybody and their dog $900 to boost the economy, Harvey Norman and the other usual suspects suddenly found they could sell their $1300 flat screen TVs for $900, retailers made a buck and so did the Chinese who made the things,our economy not so much.
For those unfamiliar with the tale there is a certain mobile phone video snapper in Albo's diocese who happened to be walking past a well known knock shop with said video operating who is expecting a generous windfall in the not too distant future.
Tastefully complimented by the waterproof work boots and a face that gets more haggard with every desperate rant.
Earl you state "people just throw them out",all the people I know utilize them for food preparation scraps table scraps kitty litter and assorted unmentionable things thence to the main bin and so to landfill where if somebody disturbs the land far into the future there will be no trace of a biodegradable plastic bag.Do you really believe anyone is going to throw the above mentioned refuse directly into a bin and leave it to "mature" for up to 7 days? They will now buy the same No. of bags from the supermarket, in my case I just bought 500 bags from ebay for $34. So for most of us it is simply business as usual. The only beneficiaries being the supermarkets
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Something like 2.5% of the population is standing over the wimpy supermarkets to force the whole population to pay a fee for something 97.5% of the population do not want or need. And the politicians and MSM say ?
Mr Netanyahu, you sir are a man of strength and integrity, the world would be a lesser place without you and others of like mind. signed Sir Richard Cranium.
Hi, I share your frustrations but I fear that exposing the truth was and is never going to be allowed. My belief is that Justice Heydon was never going to make a negative finding against any major political leader, whether to avoid media condemnation or perhaps to maintain a quiet hassle free retirement or personal reasons unknown. Consider the sidestep around Carmen Laurence, did not want to know. Proved some charges against Gillard but gave her a "get out of jail free card". Proved Shorten to be an unscrupulous scoundrel yet made no adverse findings against him. My belief is that the combination of Heydon, Stoljar and and his many highly qualified assistants, plus the Vic police investigators between them would have known all that you now know, but chose to gloss over because disclosure at that time would have totally destroyed Gillard. To remind them of their "incompetence" at this time will be met with deaf ears so as to preserve careers and reputations. Thank Michael and your band of loyal helpers, it would seem "Seeker of Truth" deserves special mention, for finally proving what we all, deep down, knew.
Hi joining the dots,very well said,my thoughts exactly but better expressed than I. Fortunately we are not alone,hence the rise of Pauline Hansen, has she not plucked a few sensitive nerves? I guess space constraints stopped you from also making mention of the odious "Agenda 21" but there I've done for you
Yes Arther, he was caught and prosecuted for "misbehaving" in an English public toilet many years ago.
Mate out here he'd had to fill in a form with his sexual preferences and shortly whether he was willing to convert to islam so as not to offend anyone.
You say in 34 years you still don't know Antony Green's political leanings, perhaps I can help you.During the ABCs excellent coverage(and I am not an ABC lover) Antony pointed out a clear Labor majority to one seat and without thinking said "we've won that one". Does that give you a bit of a clue?
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