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Naïve Gnostic
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To mount the pinnacle of a profession is to stand alone. Indeed, it is lonely at the top. But to be the top in the matter of relationships is truly a double whammy. I say be authentic. After all, that’s the path every good artist takes. Authenticity is also a necessary ingredient to achieve true intimacy and isn’t intimacy what we all crave?
How do you know if you can trust the person you’re with? This is a common problem with no quick solution. It seems the best you can do is to give the growing relationship time to evolve. --- The more something is repeatable the more we can trust it. Someone who is legitimate will work to build that trust. They will be consistent with words and deeds. That person will make an effort to stay in contact. A trustworthy person will risk vulnerability and show empathy. We can begin to trust when we see a pattern of consistency, contact, vulnerability, and empathy. When any of those things are missing, chances are the person is not someone you should trust your mind, body, or heart with.
A real Dom protects and has the Sub’s best interests at heart. The Dom must invest time and attention in the Sub to ensure their desires are met as well. It can’t be one sided. The Dom plans and the Sub serves. A good plan by a Dom accounts for the wants/needs of the Sub, helping them in their personal growth. A solid D/s relationship goes beyond sex and kink; it’s about intimacy where one is the mentor leader while the other is the devoted follower.
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Jul 5, 2016