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Good Morning!!! Please answer all three questions and turn them in. You will receive a grade for them. You may email them to me by the end of the day after 3:45p.m. there will be no exceptions!!! 1. You have decided on a career in sports psychology. Research what you... Continue reading
Hello My Sweet Angels! Sorry, I am not there today. I know you all wanted to hear more about skin conditions. I have sent you the chapters for the assignment for today (via email). Please answer the questions at the end of the chapter and turn them in to whoever... Continue reading
Hey Y'all!!! So you will have a worksheet to complete by the end of class (it is front and back). You must turn in the questions from yesterday if you have not completed it. Also, here is another Critical Thinking Exercise that must be turned in: Mary works in an... Continue reading
GREAT JOB AT THE TRACK MEET!!!!! If you did not do so yesterday, please turn in your completed Cranial Nerves assignment (Lab) from class. The questions below must be turned in at the end of class. What is not completed must be finished for homework and turned in at the... Continue reading
If you have not done so, please complete your cranial nerves sheet that we worked on today! It needs to be turned in at the beginning of class.... Result of not turning it in will result in a ZERO! You will also have a quiz on the Cranial Nerves tomorrow.... Continue reading
Here are the notes.... The Head and Face The Chest and Abdomen Continue reading
Sorry so Late! Here is your Study Guide!!!! Test 2 Study Guide Happy Studying :-) Continue reading
Attention Students Please Submit Questions to my email by Monday, February 12, 2018! Our Annual Black History Celebration will be held on February 28th. During this year’s celebration we will have a guest panel to answer your questions in relation to Black History and/or the strides African-Americans have gained and... Continue reading
Here are the notes and key terms for the Chest and Abdomen! REMEMBER YOU MAY HAVE A QUIZ TOMORROW!!!! Study, Study, Study! The Chest and Abdomen The Chest and Abdomen Key Terms Continue reading
Hey Y'all.... I hope that this message finds everyone doing well. I am still under the weather but getting there.... Below you will find the questions for today. You must complete the questions and turn in the assignment by the end of the day. You may type your responses however,... Continue reading
As requested..... Brachial Plexus Notes Brachial Plexus Continue reading
As requested..... Brachial Plexus Notes Brachial Plexus Continue reading
As requested..... Brachial Plexus Notes Brachial Plexus Continue reading
Here is the schedule for spring sports if you have any issues please email me! Make sure you put all the information in your phone. I will need people to help set up for practices. At least two people to meet down at the bobcat den..... 2018 Spring Sports Calendar Continue reading
Do Not forget your first test is Wednesday, January 31, 2018. You may complete your study guide for extra credit. It must be fully complete in order for you to get credit. I will be collecting it at the beginning of class. Reminder: I will need two people to get... Continue reading
Here are the notes!!!! Elbow Wrist and Hand The Shoulder Continue reading
**Remember to know the 8 Carpal Bones. You will have a quiz on those bones. ** Here is the Study Guide for your test. The test will be on January 31, 2018. Unit 5 Study Guide You may complete your study guide for bonus points on your test. The study... Continue reading
I hope y'all had an awesome weekend!!!!!! Here are the notes from last week. Remember you will have a quiz on these notes (the quiz will not be tomorrow though :-) ) Also, send me your schedules for the Spring Sports Season! 2018 Sports Calendar Principles of Athletic Training Review Continue reading
Reminder EVERYTHING IS DUE ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!! Continue reading
Students, Please continue to work on your assignments that were given Yesterday (December 7, 2017). Remember that all of the assignments are due on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at the beginning of class (if they are not completed you will receive a zero for the assignments!). You may also begin... Continue reading
You have a quiz tomorrow!!!!! Here are the notes. Hip and Pelvis Here is the information for your EAP Project! Remember it is due next Wednesday December 13, 2017. It MUST BE PRINTED AND PUT IN A FOLDER!!!! EAP Project Continue reading
Here is the schedule for this week *EPB- Early Practice Boys *LPG- Late Practice Girls 12/4 EPB: Marco, Morgan H. LPG: Javon, Jessica 12/5 Home game against Landmark Christian JV, Varsity Girls & Varsity Boys Kalani, Javon, Devon, Jessica, Selene 12/6 EPB: Chantel, Morgan H. LPG: Kalani Jessica 12/7 EPB:... Continue reading
Remember your Projects are due at the beginning of class on November 30, 2017 ! Everyone will be presenting their projects. We will meet in the Bobcat Den in order for everyone to finish their projects for Thursday. The football banquet is December 7, 2017 at 7p.m..... If you have... Continue reading
I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving....Below you will find some information for the week! Here is the schedule for this week: 11/27/17- Early (Girls Practice):Chantel and Morgan H. 11/28/17- Basketball Game vs. Cristo Rey: Kalani, Jessica, Devon, Javon 11/29/17- Early (Girls Practice):Chantel and Morgan H. / Late (Boys Practice):... Continue reading