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In response to Posted by: Bob | July 19, 2016 at 09:03 PM who posted the Blog entry by Craig Murray: Craig Murray actively promotes the SNP, although I understand they rejected him as a candidate, and goes up and down Scotland talking on subject such as MI5 complete all the Postal Ballots so that the SNP will lose elections, and that Tony Blair "stole" Scottish oil from Scotland because a Statutory Instrument drew a line in the North Sea to say that if you had a fishing dispute to the north of it, you raised your dispute in a Scottish Court, but to the south of it, you raised your action in an English Court (ie jurisdiction). He presents his rather odd, jaundice views as "facts". If I posted Cameron's views on Corbyn would any of us feel I had posted a legitimate and credible critique?
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2016 on My Corbyn dilemma at Stumbling and Mumbling
I really like your article. It is very balanced. You do see to have answered your own question though. To counter a weight of evidence compiled from people who have real life working experience of Corbyn as leader (who cannot be dismissed as "Blairites" and such) with 'but the people I don't like in Labour will mock and profit from my change of heart', is really in effect, letting these same people you dislike do your thinking for you. There is nothing to suggest that Owen Smith will actually lead Labour to the Right. His proven track record as Shadow DWP saw Labour mount a fantastic opposition to the Govt, and then contrast this with the Vice footage of Corbyn having no idea how to go in for the kill after IDS handed him Gideon's head on a plate (sorry for the mixed mataphors hahahaha) makes me feel that Smith, not Corbyn, is actually more likely to succeed. Smith has also built a cross-party group to support the WASPI women, which shows that he can reach out and motivate beyond his personal support. In contrast, Corbyn has a tiny circle around him and only moves to rallies and other supportive environments. Also Owen Smith's background surrounding the Good Friday Agreement, Wales and his appearance at the Scottish Labour conference as a keynote speaker (and he's been campaigning more in Scotland than Corbyn) gives him insight into the post-Brexit tensions in three of the Nation's countries. Corbyn and McDonnell, in contrast, are seen as partisan in NI, have no links I can see to Wales and have done nothing to stop haemorrhaging support in Scotland. Why Jeremy chose to attack Smith's bona fides in relation to Pfizer (when having nothing to say about May's cabinet, for example) does not show leadership qualities. In response to your Corbynism without Corbyn quandary, I think he missed a great opportunity to negotiate a sideways move to a position where he could concentrate on growing the membership and using that young team he amassed to take Labour's campaigning and image into the digital age, whilst passing on his baton to his successor. I'll be voting for Smith this time around, but I want Jeremy to be given space to do what he does best: let the public see that Labour MPs are good human beings too!
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2016 on My Corbyn dilemma at Stumbling and Mumbling
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Jul 23, 2016