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Diane Richards
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My niece enjoys making crafts, painting and combing the local park in order to make mud pies for the wood fairies in addition to helping mommy out in the garden. She is very outdoorsey and enjoys family camping trips and fishing, too! We just got her, her first bike, too. Although only 3, she will be starting her second year of preschool this year. The File Box, File Folders, Patches, Stencil Book, Paper Pad, Pencils, Markers, and the Watercolor Set are perfect for organization and replenishing the much needed and used art supplies. That adorable Oh Joy First Aid Kit is perfect to have on hand for those owies and boo-boos that might come along. The pretty bag makes the experience a calmer one and easy to find and can also double as a doctor bag when roll playing doctor or nurse, too!
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Jul 23, 2016