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Artificial intelligence is surely on the cusp of automating the entire mainstream media, replete with sides, phases and aftermaths. Mind you, that might be seen as a devolutionary step given real non-intelligence seems rather adept at it already!
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It's surely in deference to the political system or wayward family members that one even tolerates the farce of this fellow on public stage vying for so much local and global responsibility. The clearest parallel is former Australian PM Tony Abbott, mercifully deposed by his own party as is the virtue of the Westminster system. He was unqualified before he was voted in, with little more than intemperate outbursts, backroom party hackery, and fundamentalist conservatism in the wake of a public career spanning three decades. True to his prior 30 years of public service, Tony Abbott continued to be an incompetent embarrassment on taking office. But what did folks expect? A personality transplant? A sequence of day courses on judgement and world knowledge to be administered during a National Leader Orientation Week? That said, aside from the extraordinary narcissism it must take for anyone to run for a position of such responsibility, it was hardly his fault; in office, he simply behaved as he'd always behaved *because that's what humans usually do*. Who seriously expects anything else from Silvio Trumpusconi?
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I'm not sure progressives "should" be aligning themselves with anyone along any particular social "cleavage", to use the jargon. Sure, align strategically to achieve goals, but no person by virtue of any social category is of greater progressive interest than any other. The greater good of the whole is the objective of the platform, and that platform is determined independent of elections, heartlands, classes, traditional interests, and such. The perception that race is a progressive secret handshake comes about because it is most visibly justified on fundamentalist moral grounds, rather than as a logical plank in a platform for the greater good. The emotive vote is a nice wave to ride, but it's lazy to build a platform around it. Sure, ride all the emotion you can, but if your only argument on behalf of minorities or immigrants or distant peoples is the gut instinct you were born with, you've hitched your prospects to those whose instincts align with your own, and failed to make a sustainable case beyond your own navel.
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Jul 31, 2016