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Val J
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PROBATION is a JOKE. PAULA T DOW a former AG wasted MY time with her decision. January 2011. AG Paul Dow as DOJ completed investigation. Matter has been CLOSED for insufficient evidence. I lost YEARS of time for a timeline to be open for investigating due to this. I had to keep fighting. I contacted Mr. Boxer the NJ Comptroller. An Investigation was started. You want to address how your AG back in 2011 can close a matter as they call it for "INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE?" There were other actions and People that fully needed to be investigated. I say someone high up in the political arena was in touch with the investigation. 2011 matter CLOSED. 2011 Durr Steps down. 2011 Bookkeeper also filed for retirement. I had payroll showing big and double office links to cover the pay breakdown. I am sorry I fully believe this fell into connections for first investigation to be STOPPED. Connections with other land deals not addressed. Then this probation agreement. You can announce how all the work was done. All the work that was never addressed due to the delay when Paula Dow closed the investigation. Am I angry? YOU bet I have over a decade of following all deeds,deals, people involved. 2011 investigation stopped! 2011 Durr and bookkeeper step down. Then people wonder why there is so much corruption in the political world. It comes down to why work to stop
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Aug 1, 2016