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Roger Allan Marks
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In all the discussions about alternative church there is sure to be someone who will bring up about christians in isolation from others. However, going to a service Sunday morning does not guarantee that you will not be in isolation. I have been to churches where not one person has spoken to me although they were sitting all around me. Oh yes they have said hello how are you but that is where it has ended. I have just left my current church even though it is 10,000 strong, has dynamic music, great teaching, home meetings but I have never in 12 months there had any fellowship with anyone. Real one to one fellowship. I have reached out to people but they have never responded because that is not the culture of the church. We are there to serve the system and all direction comes from the top down so no one is allowed to initiate from the bottom up. Unless our faith walk is about us and everyone else in the community of believers because that is what Jesus came for to save us and set us free all we have is a hollow religion that is all about the system and you won't find that in scripture.
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Aug 4, 2016