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There's a place l love up on Wenlock Edge (following, I'd like to think, in the footsteps of Mary Webb) overlooking a small limestone cliff circle, beech and birch trees interlocking leaves above and whispering. When I walk there (weekly if I can) I've been quietly doing (ahem...!) 'ten mindful movements' there, surrounded by birdsong. Feels sacred and special. Was up there late afternoon this New Year's Eve (seeking peace) when the setting sun broke through the clouds just across the gap between two trees. The last light of 2016 accompanied my mindful moves- have to say this was a bit wow! And no metric for me either thank you... Have obstinately taught my daughter ratio cake making (4:4:4:2; 6:6:6:3 etc) oz of butter, sugar, flour to eggs because who can be bothered to get scales out??! Though we did end up with silly amounts of courgettes and tomatoes on holiday in Crete few years ago on account of my pounds to kilos converting... PS I love Elementum- thank you so much for bringing it to my attention!
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Oh my- absolutely LOVED Charlotte Sometimes! My mum bought it for me whilst I was off school ill one time (as my full name is Charlotte but was only called it sometimes...) was one of my key 'go-to' books for repeated reading during my childhood- will dig out and reread - thank you for the prompt!! Have always kept my own surname whilst married and daughter (who does indeed have a lengthy silly one...!) delights in the first Christmas card that arrives each year from his side of family addressed to Mr and Mrs Hischristianname Hissurname- really bugs me I have to say - as though somehow having made (ahem...) my choice, it is not "real" or worth respecting... And yet I have been accused of "making a point"!!! Ooh yes definitely a thesis in there - and still, somehow, as pertinent as ever...(Trump I'm watching you...)
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Well, my head is now spinning with washing machines, gymnasts, oars and.....ta da!! Torville and Dean... They were mesmerising as a child...and a special birthday treat was to go ice skating at the (deep breath...) very same rink where they practised -before they got really big...Nottingham...not very exciting really, but was to me! Otherwise it all means great TV and really, what else in the world brings the world together in the same way? And boy do we need a bit of that at the moment... Oh and husband says burgers whilst watching the rowing is absolutely traditional... Is it? He's from Yorkshire... Bring it on I say!
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Aug 5, 2016