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Audrey Johnson
Retired and happy
Interests: quilting,gardening
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I love Brownies! They must have extra chocolate chips!
Hi Pat! last quilt I made with you was " Be my neighbor" 2016-17, I have still been watching! I printed off the pattern for your "Stay at home" quilt along. we were just extended to another stay home for 30 days in April so it works good for me. I always enjoy your patterns, thank you..stay safe
My favorite size quilt to make is twin and full size. But right now I am working on a wall hanging. Thanks Pat!
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I would like to add one of those new Ironing wool mats. I also would like to kick out a wall and add more space Ha ha
I am working on a quilt I started for a friend last year! I promised I would have it done this year! Then on to Christmas projects.
My biggest problem in my quilting space is Space! I have a very small sewing room and it fills up fast. It seems I sometimes spend more time organizing than quilting. I keep trying for that perfect organized room. I cannot work in a messy space.
I am a late starter on quilts. I learned from YouTube, books, and asking lots of questions and visiting my local quilt shop for class. I have been sewing since I was 8 years old. I believe that really helped me learn the process easier.
I would have to use the mug first! It is so cute and I like my coffee. What a nice gift box from Baby Lock.
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Thanks Pat! I love your page, so organized! Hopeful to do one of your challenges. Life needs to slow down a bit around my house so I can get back to the sewing room. I follow you even when I cannot sew, you keep me inspired! Thanks for all you do!
I love scrappy quilts! I would like to try a string quilt. Thank you Pat for all you do!
I think it is a great idea! I have tried to take pictures of each quilt I make, I want to get a book made. I think that would be pretty neat to share with family.
Happy New Year pat, I hope to finish the 3 blocks I have left for the Be My Neighbor quilt and work on The Splendid Sampler blocks.
I hope to finish the neighbor blocks, I have 3 left!
I have never chosen a word for the year, although I have thought about it many times. For me it was more often along the lines of it will be a better year, a safer year, a happier year etc. I like Pat's word "Story", I like her take on it. Everyone has a story. and it is healthy to tell and express it. When we think of things, places, people and even quilts with that word in your mind I believe a person has a different outlook. I have often said, "if this quilt had ears and eyes, what a story it could tell" What better way then to share those experiences. Happy New Year, and tell your Story!
I only have about 4 UFO's but I do have 3 quilts I want to start and finish before Christmas next year. I started to late this year and things got messy. A list will help me remember them and a gentle nudge from Pat a couple times a month would not hurt me one bit! I am excited about the Word for the year, I really could use a good word to motivate me. Hope you feel better soon Pat, thanks for all you do for everyone!
Thanks for sharing Pat, wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!
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Thanks Pat for all the up dates on what's coming up, I really enjoyed your pod cast. I really enjoyed hearing you say Modaland! That sounds like my sewing room, I love Moda fabric.
Happy Thanks Giving to you Pat. This is my first year of not cooking and having all the family over as my youngest son was hospitalized, he is getting better so Christmas will be a better day. Thanks for all your inspiration!
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2016 on Happy Thanksgiving Giveaway! at Pat Sloan's Blog
I like B, but you get to decide! I Really enjoyed your interview with Kim
I do need a new blade for my cutter, I also am always looking for things to organize my fabric. thanks for Asking Pat!
What a nice surprise! I always look forward to your blocks Pat. I am so happy the Shipping Department is with you on those road trips, it is a scary world out there some days! Thanks for the early block ( very nice!) and all you and hubs do. Hope you get some well deserved rest.
When I was in the 7th grade in the 1960's we had home economics class, half the year was cooking and the other half was sewing. In the sewing class I had my first electric sewing machine to use. I had a wonderful teacher that showed us how to cut, mark and lay out a pattern. I was hooked. I had done some sewing as a child, things my grandmother had taught me, but nothing as amazing as this teacher. We as a family could not afford a sewing machine, much less fabric so when I was handed the supply list for the class my heart sunk! I went to this teacher and explained I had no way to get supplies. She just got up and walked over to a counter and handed me this wonderful pile of beautiful fabric,and found a simple pattern for a skirt and top and handed it to me and said " there you go, have fun". It was the happiest day ever! I have been sewing a long time thanks to that teacher. Quilting came late in life for me. I wish that I had been around quilters sooner. My first baby quilt (Rail Fence) I learned from a LQS in my area, she too was an inspiration. Thanks for asking Pat.
I learned to quilt watching many many YouTube video's. I still watch them in a pinch when I cannot figure something out. All quilting tips new and old are always helpful. I loved your ruler Hack and The quilt jump tip. I always enjoy your Studio visits and your sharing of fabric. I would like to see more about fabric choices and things related. Also, how you use some of the quilting tools. Thanks Pat for always including us quilters in all you do. Keep smiling!
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I live in Iowa. I am not far from the Quilt Study Center, it looks like an amazing place, I know I will visit one day. I really enjoyed reading about Mark Dunn. I love Moda fabrics! Thank Pat for sharing.