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And just like Crooked Hillary Clinton and her money bagging puppet, Julie Bishop, it was all over. He lost. They never thought they could lose. Narcs for you!
Funny how he's all about how one is defined and yet Hillary Clinton's advice to Julie Bishop was, don't let them define you. The Australian left are an incredibly confused and awfully misguided lot.
Bishop is that good time gal who has clearly overshot her welcome and use by date. Time for Cameron, Panahi and Divine etc to be calling for an audit of all political donations Bishop has banked. Start with one Wang Wenliang - Hillary's Chinese cash for votes tycoon. See what Google tried to scrub > The financial journo's out there should be all over the DFAT account contracts to:- Palladium International (NY Hedge Fund tied to the Clinton Foundation), GRM -(Packer Family Coy) and Hong Kong Shipping (bought by Palladium), BRAC (A Bangladeshi Islamic Bank) - 'Building Resources Across Community'; 'Stichting Brac International Incorporated' and 'Stichting to provide women's world banking'. Planned Parenthood Asia Foundation Giustra Clinton Enterprise Agreement !! Bloomberg Family Foundation Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa Massachusetts Institute of Tech - to design up a research facility for Indonesia !! etc etc etc ... Follow the money to find where the billions to the 'UN' Corporate One World Govt really goes, and why. Use the Panama Papers. Trace hard. If you can't find it, or the dead end is a tax haven - why would that be? And be prepared, DFAT contractors/NGO's change their names like its a sport.
That was up with Muso's best.
The Empire Files: John Podesta exposed in a video that comes recommended by Wikileaks
NB SandlerFoundation in the email address is one of the US donors to the anti coal lobby in Australia. Major donors to the Clinton Foundation et al.
Julie Bishop has let her feelings be known to all those that saw her with Joe Biden last time he was in town - slamming Trump - assuring us he won't be President. Bishop was smirking and doing her excited nodding and applauding. God, she's a fake. Well known for 'duplicity' in the West.
Oh dear Berkeley - what on earth have you become? Praying for Trump!
The last sentence, sums him up perfectly.
#PodestaEmails Hillary taught Con Law
I agree Christine. We should at least, at the very minimum, stop the payments to the Bloomberg Family Foundation - $20 million last financial year - and to the Clinton family, or enterprise or Initiative or whatever they want to call themselves. The line items for global climate change education and the greening of Africa can go too. Turnbull is chatting about cutting funding to private schools. He could start with the Global Education Funds Julie Bishop supports first. We're broke and we continue giving away borrowed money to those enjoying incredible wealth. Unilever, Frank Giustra, The Clintons, Bloomberg. Makes no sense at all but it plays nicely into sovereign debt enslavement that Soros, Obama, Clinton, Juncker and Merkel and all the globalist sell-outs need for their one world government and control. And the poor debt enslaved countries, like Australia are told - ah you want more money then you must take more muslim refugees which they know from 1400 years of history are the perfect agents for societal chaos and the NWO uses the chaos to profit and control. They've got it all worked out. Turnbull and Bishop, Rudd and Gillard - they know the drill and are a big part of our problem as are the lobbyists and powerbrokers in the Lib Party NSW and the Clinton globalists at Shared Value Project in Melbourne. And of course the other great enablers are the bought MSM. What an awful state of affairs.
This is the address and a description of what goes on inside the organisations. Big Brother / Animal Farm / Propaganda Factory for the Globalists. This is where the 'Hate' for Conservative Opinion/expression is manufactured and the money laundering takes place. Address:- 455 Massachusetts Ave NW STE. 660 Washington DC. Inside you'll find the Propaganda Factory for the Globalists and their Puppets. The organisations are funded by Soros and the Clinton Foundation/Donors. Organisations at this address include:- MEDIA MATTERS FOR AMERICA “Media Matters for America is a web-based not-for-profit Progressive Research and Information Center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing and correcting conservative misinformation in the US Media.” MEDIA MATTERS ACTION NETWORK “Media Matters Action Network was organized for the purpose of monitoring, analyzing and correcting conservative misinformation in the US Media.” CORRECT THE RECORD SUPER PAC “is a strategic research and rapid response team designed to defend Hillary Clinton from baseless attacks.” They advise Hillary Clinton, and her campaign staff about strategy, while deploying money raised to advocate her election online, through the press, or through other means of non-paid communications.” Correct the Record engages mostly in the realm of social media and popular internet forums. AMERICAN BRIDGE 21ST CENTURY SUPER PAC “is a Progressive Research and Communications Organization committed to holding Republicans accountable for their words and actions and helping you ascertain when Republican candidates are pretending to be something they’re not.” THE FRANKLIN EDUCATION FORUM “To provide grants for media training and ongoing coaching in order to improve and develop the capabilities of Progressive Messengers.” THE FRANKLIN FORUM “The Franklin Forum was organized for the purpose of providing media training and support, including message development and speaker promotion, to strengthen top Progressive Messengers and messaging.” THE AMERICAN INDEPENDENT “The mission of the organization is to foster strong, independent journalism for Progressive change, to sponsor journalism that helps create positive societal impacts through increased public awareness of targeted issues.” CITIZENS FOR RESPONSIBILITY AND ETHICS IN WASHINGTON DC “The Organization’s purpose is to work for honest, open and truthful government by bringing legal actions, conducting research, and educating the public.” AMERICAN DEMOCRACY LEGAL FUND “is a group established to hold candidates for office accountable for possible ethics and/or legal violations.”
That was funny Emu. You've got your animals all sorted. Cheers to you.
Fly away Pegasus. You seem to have a right old problem with the service of justice. Fear based, I suspect.
It would be interesting to see how Turnbull's speech to the UN and Shorten's at Global Progress compare.
Excellent speech. Especially this bit... As my country’s former leader John Howard famously put it, “we shall determine who comes to our country and the circumstances under which they come”.
I imagine she'd consider Shorten a light weight, as far as cover-ups and whatnot are concerned. Christine Lagarde is to stand trial over fraud case : Special court to try IMF chief over €400m payout to businessman who backed Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007 presidential race.
Safe travels and take good care Michael.
Martin Armstrong is a man who has suffered terribly at the hands of Comey. He could share plenty. Expect you'd get on famously with him too. :-))
I've just sent you a thank you - sent with much gratitude. I came onto the your site early August after watching Clinton Cash and wondering if Australia might have been stung. Wow was I stunned. Felt like I had suddenly morphed into Pierre Bezukhov on the battlefield in War and Peace. I have a wonderful feeling that this is just the beginning of a new dawn Michael. Best seller and movie around the corner. Thanks so much Michael. You're an Australian hero. 2 interesting clips. This one socks it to the Clintons and their filthy Foundation. Published today. I've been reading ZeroHedge since 2008 and can't tell you how excited I was to see the corruption you've been exposing up in lights. They've been getting all your work Michael :-) The other link is from wikileaks about Google. I was not surprised at all to learn that your site was sabotaged. Simple tweets that mention Soros with the Black Lives Matter movement are wiped. As of the 1st Oct freedom of expression is taking another dive down the drain thanks to Soros and his puppet Obama. Julian Assange Exposes Google - Congratulations Michael on making Michael Smith News the BEST independant news site in Australia.
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2016 on Moving Forward at Michael Smith News
Epic work Michael. Congratulations and thank you!
Looks like is onboard The Trump Train .... CNN is being boycotted for Pro Clinton agenda and ratings have crashed...
Hillary talks tough about US building physical barriers along Mexican border...
Oh 'Lance' you've been LANCED!!! Why hide behind 'Lance' when you are really Bruce Wolpe, Chief of Staff to the corrupt Julia Gillard. Check out another masterpiece by Bruce Wolpe ('Lance') - ABC News - 16 Aug '16. Shame ABC... Donald Trump brings US election to new lows via @ABCNews.
Very funny EJFTDH - had a giggle...