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Jeff Schmitz
Jeff Schmitz is Chief Marketing Office at Zebra Technologies. He became CMO in February 2016. Schmitz most recently served as Executive Vice President for multiple business units and sales at Spirent Communications where he had previously also held several senior leadership roles including Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President Of Networks & Applications. Prior to joining Spirent, Schmitz held senior marketing positions at Rivulet Communications, Visual Networks and Tellabs Inc. Schmitz holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Marquette University and a Master of Science degree in computer science from the Illinois Institute of Technology.
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These four things can aid with operational continuity as warehouses and distribution centers work to balance worker safety and speed. In 2018, Zebra surveyed more than 2,700 professionals in transportation and logistics, retail and manufacturing firms on their plans, implementation levels, experiences and attitudes toward omnichannel logistics as part of... Continue reading
Warehouse and distribution center (DC) operators are being put to the test right now in unprecedented ways, as are the numerous technologies that are utilized within the four walls and on loading docks every day. The good news is that both are passing the test exceptionally well, despite what headlines... Continue reading
You may use a number of different technologies to help improve the safety and security of your warehousing operations: Mobile computers equipped with augmented reality and navigation tools to help safely guide workers through picking and put away actions in busy warehouses and distribution centers. Sensors, the Internet of Things... Continue reading
As we kick off a new decade, there are a lot of discussions about how advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent automation and analytics can deliver new levels of agility across warehouse and distribution operations. However, supply chain leaders across many organizations – perhaps even yours – believe... Continue reading
According to Zebra’s 2020 Shopper Study, omnichannel shopping is the new normal and e-commerce fulfillment (e-fulfillment) options are now expected of all retailers, including startups, small businesses and chain retailers who generate a significant amount of revenue from their brick-and-mortar footprint. Supply chain operations are being forced to adapt fulfillment... Continue reading
Just as technology continuously evolves, so too should the way we talk about it. For instance, when the term “disruptive technology” was first coined by Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen over 20 years ago, it was used to refer to “any enhanced or completely new technology that replaces... Continue reading
Most enterprises recognize that technology can fuel greater speed and efficiency in their operations. As a result, warehouses and fulfillment centers are evolving with the latest technology to keep up with the growing on-demand economy. Zebra’s 2024 Warehousing Vision study reveals the benefits of an intelligent operation and its impact... Continue reading
With summer quickly approaching and millions of new college graduates entering the job market, companies have the opportunity to recruit the next generation of employees. Training plays a pivotal role in onboarding these new hires to set them up for positive performance and long-term success. U.S. companies spent an astounding... Continue reading
As the modern workplace continues to evolve into an intelligent, innovation-driven environment that connects the physical and digital worlds, front-line workers throughout the supply chain have experienced enormous change across their job functions, especially in recent years. From cycle counting and put away to replenishment and picking, their daily tasks... Continue reading
2018 was a year of impressive growth for many manufacturers, transporters, 3PLs and warehouse operators: a strong on-demand economy led consumers to embrace the omnichannel retail model for everything from cars to clothes, big-ticket technology items to everyday grocery essentials. That generated increasing demands on manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and delivery... Continue reading
Today, more than ever, transportation & logistics (T&L) and manufacturing companies are leveraging mobility, cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to transform their business and better serve their customers in the on-demand economy. Based on Zebra Technologies’ second annual Intelligent Enterprise Index, 82 percent of surveyed companies across both... Continue reading
Intelligent enterprises are increasingly investing in platforms that can maximize workforce productivity and their return on investment (ROI) in the ever-evolving, on-demand economy. Mobility solutions are crucial for businesses to stay competitive and better support a workforce that relies on mobile technology to produce higher levels of visibility, reliability and... Continue reading
We live in a world where the line is blurring between the digital and the physical, and instantaneous service delivery is becoming ubiquitous. In an age of hyper personalization, convenience and information, customers expect what they want exactly when, where, and how they want it. Immediate gratification is the new... Continue reading
The on-demand economy and unprecedented customer expectations are fueling a shift toward the smart factory. In fact, our Manufacturing Vision Study found the number of fully-connected factories is expected to double by 2022, showing industry leaders are poised for significant progress over the next few years. While shifting to the... Continue reading
The NFL may be in the offseason, but it’s primetime for warehouses and distribution centers Over the past few years, the NFL has adopted its own strategy to generate and analyze data and insights. By planting coin-sized RFID chips in players’ shoulder pads—and the footballs—the NFL has access to unprecedented... Continue reading
The ‘always-connected’ consumer has higher expectations than ever before. These include the latest in buying and shipping options, faster delivery and a seamless online experience. The same digital transformations that continue to fuel this on-demand economy are now challenging manufacturers, retailers and logistics firms to navigate a new fulfillment landscape.... Continue reading
Over the past year, the news cycle has been saturated with stories of struggling brick-and-mortar retailers fighting to keep up in an increasingly digital world. But the reality is that we saw more retail store openings than closures in 2017. The outlook is strong and retail technology spending is expected... Continue reading
As 2017 has come to a close, we reflect on what we learned last year and what to look forward to in the year to come. As supply chains continue their digital transformations and become more intelligent, they are expected to adopt these three trends: 1. Embrace the “on-demand” economy... Continue reading
Manufacturers and supply chains have slowly started to adopt Industry 4.0. However, if they want to make the transition successful, most enterprise processes will need to become smarter and more digitized. This is easier said than done. In fact, a new survey by Zebra Technologies found that only five percent... Continue reading
In today’s connected world, organizations have access to millions of data points, and soon it will be even more. It’s estimated by 2020 there will be as many pieces of data available as there are stars in the universe. Every two years, the amount of data we create is doubling... Continue reading
In today’s on-demand retail landscape, manufacturers are undergoing massive changes to meet customers' ever-increasing expectations. It’s the new reality manufacturers face and those that don’t integrate automation and smart technologies over the next few years risk becoming irrelevant. According to Zebra’s recently released Manufacturing Vision Study, nearly two-thirds of manufacturers... Continue reading
Android is one of the most talked-about consumer technology brands in consumer electronics. And for good reason – it can be found on four out of every five consumer handhelds, as well as Chromebooks, TVs, wearables, and even in cars. In fact, Android is now officially the world's leading mobile... Continue reading
With the proliferation of smart devices and demand for constant connectivity, businesses big and small are challenged to quickly transform their processes to keep pace with the speed of change. As businesses scramble to keep up with the times, they often overlook the importance of communicating the value-add of smart... Continue reading
There’s no denying that we live in an increasingly digital world. Everything we want or need can be obtained with just a click of a button or swipe of the finger. But as technology advances, consumers gain more and more power – and with more power comes higher expectations for... Continue reading
It’s that time of year when everyone reflects on the past while looking to the future, and enterprises are no different. Executives at companies worldwide are reviewing changes in their industries including disruptive competitors and the technologies driving them. At the same time, they are reviewing their own technology implementations,... Continue reading