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I can't agree more. Being an extrovert makes it imperative that I work in a space that has easy access to others - I love feedback, criticism, chit chat, etc. But there are times when I need an option to shut out the noise so that I am able to focus on a task that may require an hour or two of quiet space. And although I am not an introvert I can see how the opposite would be true, most times in a quiet space without intrusions with the occasional burst of openness to communicate and provide the ability to bounce ideas around. It would be a wonderful world if all offices were able to or willing to provide for the diversity of their staff. I believe productivity would increase and pay for the diverse space in the long run.
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This is so unique and creative! I like how Arthur designed the brackets go perfectly with what Jeff was displaying on his shelves. It sounds like it might be prohibitively expensive though!? At least at this point in time?
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I couldn't agree more Monica! Maybe I'm a bit of a dinosaur too but there are times when you need privacy to stay focused and get certain tasks done. I think that it helps if there is a possibility for employees to choose between a quiet space or an open space for different tasks it helps too. Having an opportunity to be at a stand up desk is great too for productivity.
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Aug 24, 2016