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Agreed. This was part of the point Matt and I were trying to make in our under-appreciated (: ( AERE newsletter piece: CVM gets taken to the cleaners on every little detail, whereas CE gets a free pass. Why? Who the hell knows, because they are, in the final analysis, the same thing. One just has more bells and whistles than the other.
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I wonder if proponents of the reduce-the-number-of-children-by-one approach would be willing to admit that they could achieve the same benefits much more directly and immediately by tossing themselves, one by one, out of the nearest window? Isn't the argument in favor of using very low discount rates for future costs of carbon/climate intended to increase the standing of future generations, i.e., children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc? I guess the would-be child (and his/her would-be grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.) reduced by the reduce-the-number-of-children-by-one approach doesn't rate the same standing.
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Aug 25, 2016