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Millie Kirkland
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I’m lying in bed as I’m writing this blog. It is 7:45am on Saturday morning, June 24. In less than 8 hours, my family will be here, and I’m left asking myself, “Is this really possible”? I think of the quote that says “the years are short, but the days... Continue reading
While the good student would spend the weekend in between final exams studying, I never did like studying all that much. Instead, while all my school friends were studying, I took the opportunity to meet up with the Americans Friday night. It ended up that only one other girl could... Continue reading
So Friday night I went out to dinner with some friends. We went to this hamburger restaurant called ¨Food Truck¨. I swear these hamburgers were some of the biggest I have seen in my life. To start, the restaurant was located in Chueca, the gay neighborhood of Madrid which also... Continue reading
So it’s Saturday morning and I’m just how realizing… Madrid is not a city for morning dwellers like me. For those of you that don’t know me. I am such a morning person: I wake up early, I love the silence at the start of the day, and my favorite... Continue reading
11 días de vacaciónes: ¡Semana Santa! Semana Santa is a holiday celebrated in all Spanish-speaking parts of the world. It starts on Maunday Thursday and goes until Easter Sunday. Stores close and celebrations take place during these 4 days! As students, we have more days off because this is our... Continue reading
One area I have really lucked out in is with my host family. Host families are a difficult situation because as my grandmother puts it so eloquently, “Guests, like fish, begin to stink after 2 days”. As a host student, you are faced with a difficult scenario. For your sanity... Continue reading
Excursions! March 10-12: LISBOA!! (Lisbon) This was the trip I was most looking forward to before leaving! With CIEE, we have 2 planned excursions, and this was the first. Friday, I woke up early (5:15ish) in order to get to the train station at 6:30! I made the mistake of... Continue reading
Nashville is and will always be my home. I actually had a conversation with my host dad about this concept. You can travel, move away, never visit, but a home is always your home. It´s where you´re from, and this is something you cannot change. I have lived in Nashville... Continue reading
“Lord, grant me patience. Patience with myself, and patience with those around me”. I am the first to admit that patience has never been my strongest attribute, so for me, this daily prayer is easier said than done. It is sososo easy to get frustrated. There will be times when... Continue reading
Mooood swingssssssss. I have calmed down a little from my freak out/ “what the hell am I doing” moment. I am ready to take this on, without crying daily. My tools for success: a new calendar that says “Este es mi ano”, a jar of peanut butter (very difficult to... Continue reading
Small. This is something I am used to… to seeing, to feeling. I am 5’1” in a world filled with skyscrapers and 6’ friends!! Small is my normal, but today small got a new meaning. Small is turning the corner into Security, and looking over your shoulder one more time... Continue reading
6:00am – wake up, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, leave for school 7:30am – arrive at school, hang out with friends, visit teachers, finish homework 8:00am – classes start 12:30am – eat lunch 3:10pm – final bell rings, leave school, do homework 6:30pm – eat dinner 7:30pm – dive practice... Continue reading
Hi! My name is Millie Kirkland, and I am 16 years old. I have lived in Nashville, TN my entire life but in a little less than 5 months, I will be moving to ESPANA to study and live. My decision to study abroad spurred from numerous factors. I have... Continue reading
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Aug 25, 2016