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I found a way to comment. Finally.. now I forgot everything I said. I've been fighting to find away for about three months. Merry Christmas SmellyAnn!
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2022 on Saturday 9: Just Because at MelaniePenelope
Hey! I actually get to leave a comment now on your excellent blog! Thanks for the upgrade there. I hope that you got/get a chance to get out of Idaho if you still want to. Best Wishes!
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2020 on Saturday 9: Do You Want To Dance? at MelaniePenelope
Boy are you peevish. You remind me of ME! Let me tell you about illnesses that require surgery. They will take away your cognitive abilities for awhile as will Peri-Menopause, which you are the right age to be entering into. My School nurse best friend said that hers was SO bad that she had to write down every medication for the students at her school so that she would be able to remember them. She was used to giving these out without having to double list them and then, like overnight, she just couldn't. I always love reading your posts. I can only post comments from my desk top, though. That's why it takes longer.. Love you!
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2018 on Sunday Stealing: The Runway Meme at MelaniePenelope
We ran a tight two week budget when the kids were home, since that was the pay period. But we weren't living in a big city in Idaho. It has to be hard to budget. I'm not reading as fast as usual but I'm knitting more. Being in the hospital so much this year has really knocked a hole in lots of your areas of life, I reckon. Getting well is your job, dear. Getting well....Love you!
We are sisters of the heart.
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Feb 25, 2018
Pence is the only reason that OWB hasn't been impeached.. The next worst president can come next I guess, because maybe having such a criminal with his ass in the Oval office IS worse than a right wing Nazi. IDK. I hope that you can get all your physical problems solved. I had to start eating a little meat because my body needs something in it, don't ask me what... If the Dalai Lama, told the same thing, eats his meat without complaining, I reckon I can, too.
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2018 on Sunday Stealing: HodgePodge at MelaniePenelope
Every time I type a nice answer out without logging in, it poofs. Someday I'll learn.. In SD California we live in the reddest red dot, and laughed ourselves sick over that Dummy "Crowd". Your tale of the detergent brought to mind a time on my grandparent's farm. Grandpa kept farm chemicals in big bags in the tractor shed. I spied, with my little eyes, a bag of what I took to be blue Kool Aid. So, I took a tablespoon out to the shed the next day and took a great big spoon of it into my mouth. It was awful! I spat as much out as I could and ran for Grandma. I told her about the Blue Kool-aid, and she got the idea very fast. My terrified Grandpa locked up the shed, and my Grandma gave him withering looks. I had to drink so much water that day and the next... doctor's orders.. All my Aunt's and older cousins were bemused by the tale of the blue kool-aid when they learned of it. The eggs are just so lovely. All those colors!
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2018 on Saturday 9: Heartbreak Hotel at MelaniePenelope
Is Gal buying? Then I need EVEry thing. lol Q#2. Yes, me, too. Like the mules.
Toggle Commented May 6, 2017 on Saturday 9: The Tide Is High at MelaniePenelope
I loved all your answers, and pictures; we share some hopes. And some diseases! gah! Idaho is a skier's paradise and now you are there and can learn to ski. Go for it!
Well, that didn't work lol. Usually, when I'm on the desk top, there is no trouble. Rock Hounds are clubs that go out into the desert and mountains, to dig up rocks to make jewelry with, or just to collect mineral specimens. We have "rigs" and camp out. We started out in our tent but soon got a "rig" to be safer. Yes, Mass and his wife had some horror stories about being imprisoned. It was mostly a ploy and most of their possessions and land were confiscated and sold to Caucasian competitors.
Recently the word slacks came up in a crossword, and I'd forgotten all about it! George Takei was once in a documentary, with some others, about human rights. The story he tells about the internment (prison camps) camps is just horrid. Two of the our rockhound members were interned in them, and so it really resonates with me.
I thought of you and your little baby boy last night before going to sleep. It's a pain that you just never get used to. I totally agree with you on this butthead of a president we have. He's going to be the worst on record I have no doubt at all about that. People forget that he played on the fears of the workers and that they've since boo'ed him. Many regret that they let such a lecher through the door. But, not the privileged elites, oh no. The OWN him. Yes, dismantled 8 years or hard fought victories for the wage earner and their kids, as per CountryDew.
"Though you, My Lady Queen, are fair, tis true"... heehee You are cute, adorable, and perky despite your naysaying, and I give your profile photo a fingertip kiss on the nose when coming here. Best wishes for the move. I guess you will travel in the Spring and that's better than winter. eek! I can't get really good pictures of the moon with a phone either but your's is darn good!
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2017 on Saturday 9: Magic at MelaniePenelope
Love to read here Melanie. You make life fun. Oh, none other than author Naomi Klein has been setting forth amazing formulas for solving and overcoming climate change and the first thing on the list is to get rid of Globalization. But we'll have to wait and see if Mr. Combover's (thank you CountryDew) on the same page as Ms. Klein.
Well, Ive tried everyway by Sunday to reply on your here goes with THIS facility! The E is for Evil. the OWB is Orange Wind Bag. Guess who that is? hahaha Cat and Harriet started calling him that. I think its very appropriate.
Nice rant on the eowb. I'm so with you on this! Will check out the pussyhat project. Taking politics to the dark web. Also, You look like a different person and congrats on all the hard work to get there. No matter the path, it IS hard work. Loved the bed shot. Lol! I wish there were a few more doggies around here. *Sighs*
Cruises are pretty amazing. Glad you had so much fun. Weight, shmeight, it goes up and comes down but since it takes so little effort for it to go up, the human race is screwed. The military solved a problem about licenses awhile back, but you know this. Wish it was easier for civilians!
Hugs back and Ill have the sound system bounce some to CountryDew. Oh yes, childhood abuse it a common factor (your whole being goes into survival mode and early) plus other things you mention, allergies (me, too, for mold and wheat), various food toxins, yep. Personally Id like to slap Monsanto. The Rav groups helped me and I hope they can do so for you. A doctor who looks at the totality of your life is great! Thanks for those sweet birthday wishes. TC!
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2016 on Saturday 9: O, Holy Night at MelaniePenelope
Glad you found it helpful. You sounded like me when this all started. One thing is to learn some sort of relaxation technique that will lower your anxiety levels. And there are meds that specifically target the anxiety ramp up that worsens pain. Its now all in your head, though because this thing has a vector but theyve just not found it. My money is on GMO and other toxins in our foods. Monsanto is just another devil in the details. Good luck. Aslo, do give the support groups at Ravelry a look. It helps to hear everyones story of the battle through the Tall Grass.... Lots of warm healing vibs going out to you.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2016 on Saturday 9: O, Holy Night at MelaniePenelope
Sorry to be late. I wanted to say that what you have sounds more like ME/CFS which is now being lumped into Fibromyalgia by some doctors. No no... very different things. I have them both, too, and the U.K. is lightyears ahead of the US in getting research done and IDing the patients, sad to say. Ravelry has a couple of forums that you might be interesting in seeing and comparing to what symptoms you have. This is no joke and no fun. They are all auto immunes so far, but I think that will change very swiftly if the UK specialists discover a definitive cause. BIG warm and gentle hugs to you Smellyann.
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2016 on Saturday 9: O, Holy Night at MelaniePenelope
I say I'm sorry a lot, too. But I really am so sorry that the doctors cannot figure out what is going on with your body. EEEEEE! Loved the space pic. Excellent!
Chloë is such a doll to take such good care of you when you are sick and aching. Your romantic time was so beautiful!
Toggle Commented Sep 19, 2016 on Saturday 9: September In The Rain at MelaniePenelope
You always make me laugh! Thank you for coming back and with such panache, too! Enjoy September and your upcoming 4-0. Are you homeschooling. The kids look so happy! I home schooled through the JrHell (mean JrHigh) years myself. Have a lovely week!
Yes, Welcome back, Melanie! My sister's phone is a galaxy thinga, not the newest but one of the great ones. The things that it lets her do are amazing. She has eye issues, too, from Parkinson's and that phone opened up a new world for her. Get well dear heart. I'm sorry you've gotten so darn sick.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2016 on Saturday 9: Hello at MelaniePenelope