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Ashley Ivanoff
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Inspired by Dr. Seuss' O' the Places You'll Go, please enjoy this poetic version of my stay in France: "You’ve been accepted!" And that was the day, On to new countries, Now pack it away. You've got a visa in hand, And a long plane ahead. You spent days and... Continue reading
A great loss has been had in the exchange community. Our hearts are breaking as we bid farewell to many of the short time and first semester exchange students headed home during this month. When we were getting ready to go abroad I don’t think anyone had imagined exactly what... Continue reading
Happy, happy Holidays to everyone reading this. We are just starting to turn up the heat up on our Christmas celebrations over in France, and what does that mean? HOLIDAY MUSIC. I love holiday music and every year this time comes around and I begin rolling out all the classics... Continue reading
The packing lists I looked at all had one common recommended item, "something from home." For some people this may have been kind of vague or confusing, out of an entire room full of things how do you pick just one, but the minute it I read it I knew... Continue reading
This Thanksgiving will not be a big one for me. I will get home from school at 19:30 eat dinner and likely go to my sport class. If I’m lucky in all of this I’ll get a chance to scroll through Instagram and look at everyone’s full tables and family... Continue reading
Two months already? We're just getting to the good part here. October has been a great mix of emotions for me. In the beginning I had expected this month to be harder than the first. I guess it kind of was, but it has also been so many times better... Continue reading
If you have ever played this game before you'll know the premises. Basically, one person says "I'm going to ___ and I'm bringing ___" and everyone has to figure out the rule or the pattern like if I said "I'm going to the moon and I'm bringing a cow" all... Continue reading
I was not prepared for the world of the French 'cours', or classes. I knew pieces of information but had not considered the school schedule as something that might be difficult. Therefore, I decided to give you all the play by play of French school and its intricate inner workings.... Continue reading
Obviously not every experience is the same, you can't go into this thinking anything specific, so, during my first month in France, here is the best, the worst and one thing you can't exactly call good or bad: After camp, we returned to the same spot we had met in... Continue reading
When we had gone through customs, our group of 12 became 19 as we met the other students who were a part of the same in country organization, STS. We quickly bonded in our fears and aspirations for the year and would become even closer over the course of our... Continue reading
My new life began on August 23rd when I hugged my mom goodbye at the Baltimore airport. I gripped my locket tightly and held back tears as I walked onto the plane and sat at the isle leaving one seat between me and a middle aged man which was promptly... Continue reading
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Aug 29, 2016