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Mark Cloyed
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Hi MaxU77, Yes, this new security model resolved that issue. When viewing the item, we now see a warning banner that states "You do not have access to one or more objects." In the section where the linked files are displayed, the secure file is not listed and so is not available to view or download.
The release of Autodesk's Vault 2017 made us very happy. We have known of a problem in the vault security for quite some time now. It dates back to around 2008, when it was discovered that there was an issue between folder-level permissions and lifecycle permissions. As an example (in the 2016 version in this case), I have a folder named Security. This folder is set with permissions so that only the administrators group can see files in that folder. I check in a file to the security folder, named ‘Admins Only.Docx’. I then assign a category to this document,... Continue reading
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Sep 1, 2016