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Mandy Gollaher
Sequedin, France
My name is Mandy, and I can't wait for you to follow along with my French experience for the next five months! I'm from Hopkinton Massachusetts (26.2 miles from Boston) and I live with my Mom, Dad, and devil cat, Tanya, who just may attack you if you're not holding food. When I'm not in France, I enjoy strapping blades to my feet and skating around on ice and using tall poles to try and vault myself as high into the air as I can. I also love writing, and I have been blogging for the last few months with one of my best friends. I love foreign languages and can't wait to talk all about my experience here in France.
Recent Activity
Our lives are made up of experiences; this much has been said before and will probably be said again and again until the age when we have nothing left to do but reflect upon what we have already done. Undeniably, experiences usually fall into one of two categories- good and... Continue reading
When I first began considering studying abroad in France, I searched every inch of the internet for advice. What should I wear? How does their school work? What will I be eating besides macarons and croissants for 6 months? Fortunately, the internet is full of information that ranges from "Just... Continue reading
Christmas in undeniably my favorite time of year. The cold sets in, strings of lights trim every tree, and best of all, we stressed out students get to look forward to two weeks with no alarm but our Christmas morning anticipations waking us up before noon. Somehow, though, this year,... Continue reading
Two weeks ago, I began writing a blog post that was to be entitled “Dude, I Speak French!” and included many an anecdote about my various encounters with shopkeepers, baristas, and waiters here in France that had me red-faced and sweaty by the time I left the counter. When you... Continue reading
If you’re wondering if watching Interstellar for the fourth time finally inspired me to become an astrophysicist, unfortunately, not even Matthew McConaughey’s quantifiable love can make multi-dimensional physics appealing to a foreign language nerd. As an exchange student, I prefer to think of relativity in the context of travel; far... Continue reading
I’m currently writing this blog post whilst sitting in the upstairs lounge of a Starbucks in Lille with a hoard of Americans on my left, and a group of french lycée students on my right. Although I’m drinking my typical winter holiday latte, I’m munching on a pain au chocolat... Continue reading
I am but a Yellow Leaf on a Tree On October 13th, only 3 months remained of my semester abroad. Today, I have even less time, and I’m determined to make the most of these last few months and experience as much as I can before I'm shipped back home... Continue reading
Have you ever been woken up by someone and they asked you a question but you were still half asleep and couldn't quite tell if it was a dream or reality? Welcome to my new permanent state of being. After a month in France, I consider myself qualified to discuss... Continue reading
There’s No Ice in the Water Before I left for France, I had been warned about this peculiar little sensation called “Culture Shock” that is seemingly unavoidable when traveling to another country. I was thinking that this “Culture Shock” was going to include things like weird meal times, school day... Continue reading
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Sep 12, 2016