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The prevailing argument that Mash wants the readers to think about is whether or not true crime T.V. show fans can become too obsessed with others lives and trying to uncover "the truth". She attempts to throw light on how insensitive watcher/listeners can be while stoping at nothing to come up with evidence and ask the questions prosectors won't/don't. By using and example of a victims brother who tried to appeal to reddit. I believe that to a point it is good for fans to be involved. When the fans begin to invade the privacy of others, especially the the privacy of the victims family. Although Marsh leaves the conversation open the the readers, she really shows how destructive fans can be in peoples lives. I would say that overall I believe that it is up to each individual to know when they have gone to far. It's important for individual fans to think about how much grief they are bringing up for the families and how they would feel if it was happening to their family.
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Sep 13, 2016