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If Goedde and Biggs are correct in saying that community college is a better choice for many students than going straight to a major institution, as I think they are, we need to reassess the popular assumption that community colleges are for those who can’t get into major institutions and provide a less quality education. Contrary to popular belief community college has a lot of benefits that a major university can’t provide. For one thing attending community college is much more affordable than a major college. A lot of states offer scholarships for community college that help keep prices down. Coming from a small town I know many people that have taken advantage of the community college system in South Carolina. In America we need people that work in every trade and a lot of trades don’t require a four-year degree. It doesn’t make sense for someone that wants to become a welder to pay for a four-year degree. Community colleges also provide small class sizes and an opportunity for people that take an untraditional route through college. One thing that is awesome about America is opportunity exists and not everyone has to do the same thing to become successful.
God bless these parents! This situation would push a lot of people to their limits, but this mother seemed to handle the situation well. That being said, I do disagree with the parent’s decision allowing their child to wear a dress to school. I agree that a person should be free to be them self without fear of persecution, but you have to protect your first grader. At some point the parent in you has to come out and influence your child to follow the cultural norm. Allowing a first grader to make this decision that carries lifelong implications on their own is not appropriate. A first grader simply doesn’t have the life experience to make this decision on their own. If the child still feels that he is more comfortable in a dress in middle school or high school, then I would support the child in how he wishes to live. I agree with Thomas that this child’s parenting should be called into question considering this child was ready to make this decision at such a young age. Thomas says parents become overly worried about their child disagreeing with them. I believe that parents should be willing to put their foot down every once in a while for the benefit of their child’s future.
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Oct 13, 2016