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Not sure last post went through. Basically less than 30 percent voted in primaries. 15 percent of all voters in each voted. Half of the votes went to other candidates. At the most 7 percent of the people gave us these two candidates which are each disliked by well over 50 percent of all eligible voters. Debates and their rules are made by the two major parties to keep all others out. If those dissatisfied actually voted in this election for none of the above or an actual candidate other than these two it could change future elections. Choosing not to vote or to vote for someone one hates less than the other is a sure way to allow fewer people control it all. To vote with integrity according to our conscience is the only way that change can have a chance and perhaps the most powerful vote we ever have for a real choice someday. And of course I can see one saying, if one doesn't vote, don't complain.
I don't agree with the conclusion not to vote. Less than 30 percent of the eligible voted in the primaries and gave us our two candidates. That is basically 15 percent of all the eligible voters chose the two candidates in each party. Of those 15 percent the winners won the majority of that 15 percent in each party primaries. This means that each of the candidates we have been told are the only ones who can win have been chosen by about 7 percent of all eligible voters. They are the most disliked by all eligible voters than any candidates ever. That is a sad commentary. Right now all of the established system leads us to believe we have no real choice (to pick a winner outside of the two party system) and right now it is true. Choosing not to vote will make it true indefinitely. Everything is a collusion between the two main parties. To be qualified to run candidates of other parties have to jump through hoops that the two parties have established. The debates are run by both parties and the qualifications are set up specifically to only allow the two parties in. The public watches the debates and and believes it is a sign of legitimacy for the two candidates. Would be disastrous for those two parties if other candidates actually participated and the American public could see. How many people willing to vote but not for the two choices would it take to change this next cycle or the next? I think that is the only way it will actually ever happen is if we use our power to vote that we don't want either of these two candidates to be our only choice. After all they each are there because of about 7 percent of all eligible voters chose them.
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Oct 17, 2016