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Jody Blanco
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Thanks for this post Mr. Miller. As a person of color who regularly practices yoga, I find myself angry and frustrated that half the voting population, which came out and voted in the US this week, either openly embraced or pretended to overlook the racism, bigotry and misogyny of the now new US president. It's one thing to have disagreements on issues and their presumed relationship to certain values; but his campaign went much, much further, to ask who, among us in our communities, families, loved ones, deserves to be identified as a secret enemy. Or who deserves the same discrimination and exposure to hostility as our parents were exposed to "in the good old days" of America. I try to see how the yama and niyama can inspire me to understand and be at peace with what lies ahead. I am afraid for my friends, my students, and my colleagues.
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Nov 12, 2016