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Great series Mike, especially the wrap up. This seems like yet another revolution that ended up devouring her children. If he had stayed in Venezuela and never left on his grand Columbia campaign, would he have been rewarded with a happy productive life as a statesman. Or would he have pined for the military life. But this be banish from the whole continent seems extreme. I am sorry he never made Europe if that was his intention. Who knows what kind of young folks he could have inspired had he arrived. Well so long to the Liberator. It's been fascinating getting to here about your life, times and passions. It would be interesting to know how history is taught for these nations and how The Great Liberator comes across in those lessons. Is he a hero, or a monster? Most loyal or a betrayer? I guess it all comes down to perspective. Mike has given us one perspective. So I guess I'll go along with that until I hear something better.
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2017 on 5.27- The Labyrinth at Revolutions
Mike, well I've finally caught up to you in real time. After binging on The History of Rome and devouring all the Revolutions thus far I was at a loss on what to do with all this free time between podcasts. So I've started listening to other casts that you brought up on the show. I have to say you are, by far, the best storyteller out there. You bring a new voice to history that makes it so easily accessible. I even enjoy listening to your one-off interviews with other podcasters. But I'm a little disappointed. I haven't caught a single baseball reference or metaphor in any of your recent episodes. Have you gone soft since my beloved Cubs won the World Series? Or am I not paying close enough attention? Don't make me sign up for Twitter just to call you out on this. If you stick something in the next episode I promise to tell all my friends how awesome you are. Oh wait, I've done that already. Well, you rock. Keep up the great work. Good luck finishing up the book.
Toggle Commented Nov 23, 2016 on 5.20- The Sea Wolf at Revolutions
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Nov 22, 2016