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The military center of the globe
Historian, former NATO wife, FSAScot., Jeffersonian, Mom and grandmom
Interests: Scottish Reformation history, Virginia history, American intel and psyops "games", gardening, nonfiction, French
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All this election business as a well-informed Virginian whose connections go way back, especially where "parties" are concerned, I am fascinated by it all. My theory is that there are what I call "little men from Oz" often pulling strings and sort of setting people up to run and eventually to "win". With an undergraduate degree in History with an emphasis ofcourse in "Virginiana", it is the story BEHIND the story that interests me. Jared Sparks was the PR guy for Washington and others pulled strings on his behalf. Was he a figurehead like Sir Stephen Runciman one told me? "Pick a tall man and put him on a horse". Like so much of the Bible, as scholars are now learning, it is usually guys in robes or uniforms who tend to tell the "story" and twist reality a bit, mainly to fit their agendas. As a patient listener in some rather important conversations through the years, I learned a great deal power and politics. Girls couldn't go to Shad Planking or UVA or Tech in my day. And still the Commonwealth Club is where decisions and deals are made. Annapolis and VMI were just great places to meet guys. We knew some of them might eventually become political "elites" one day. My Dad graduated from Washington and Lee and his best friend from VMI. My entire family were WW II Naval officers. I wonder just what my Father must be thinking about this "election"? My library is full of a few thousand non-fiction books which I READ. Political and military history fascinate me. Tend to be written by guys, about guys. Since the time of our Scottish-American "founders" -Jefferson, Monroe, P. Henry, John Marshall, James Monroe, etc.- our nation has been on quite a ride. We have had good presidents and some not so good. Elections have always been nasty. The citizens have tended to be on sidelines. The insiders ( Good Old Boys ) have never cared to listen to what the little people think. Women in Virginia were meant to stay at home. Even a woman like Nancy Langhorne. She had to leave her country for Britain in order to be recognized for her intelligence and courage. Cowards and bullies are cut out of the same cloth. You can spot them because they hide behind trees, behind medals, titles and robes. The courageous soldiers like Patton and MacArthur Robert E.Lee and Stonewall Jackson, ride in FRONT! Nancy Langhorne, a Virginian, became the FIRST FEMALE member of British PARLIAMENT. So what about Hillary and Donald? Who in his right mind today would really WANT that job? to me, the jury is out. In college, as a girl, I was in both the Republican and Democratic club...simply because I wanted to know both sides. Funny. Women tend to be the ones who symbolize such things as our Virginia symbol, the Statue of Liberty, and Justice, balancing equally and fairly what is true. Women tend to be more interested in such things as PEACE. Seems to me that it is a good thing to talk to our "enemies" and I like that about Trump. Like Ike said, the military industrial complex and its hunger for new bigger and better toys is something to beware. Our wise first President Washington and Jefferson wrote of the dangers of meddling in other nations business, especially when we don't speak their language or understand their culture. Even JFK, that smart President who was indeed conspiratorially murdered, intended to pull back on our expensive habit of global intrusions into our neighbors business. No coward he. Challenged the Princeton Dulles brothers Presbyterian Saudi club ( Eddy, etc.) and the mobsters who invited cross-dressing Hoover to the races. What worries me are the Zionists, the right wing Marxist-Leninist "revolutionaries" whose blood lust is part of their medieval Purim "cult" which continues to genitally mutilate our baby boys. The games played on our wonderful American heroes like Stephen Toth and others on the Liberty continue unabated. Dirty tricks are part of their culture. Certainly they are not capable of being termed a "democracy". They are a right wing "theocracy" and since the days of Christ have seemed to be totally unable to "assimilate". My son tells me that Trump's mom is from the Hebrides. THAT is a good thing. He really is a Scot. But he does not want to play the game cowards play. He is too out-spoken. Not politically correct. He and Putin and yes even Castro are not afraid to talk. This frightens the BEJESUS out of the warhawks. Those big military spenders, money-launderers, drug dealers, contractors, and globalists are not too happy with Trump. Hopefully they will grow up and start thinking about this wonderful country and their wives for a change. Bet few of them have ever changed a diaper, held taken a bleeding wounded landmine Afghan child, or even sung a Burns tune to a fiddle the way Jefferson did.
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Nov 23, 2016