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Work with renewable energy
Interests: Renewable Energy Li-Ion Ultra-capacitors Super-capacitor
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O Legalize electric providers to provide transportation o Electric trolleys and metro for cities. o Electric bus systems with hydrogen fuel cells. o High speed electric trains for coast to coast travel. USA is the only leading economy without high speed electric trains and this could be a priority for the Trump administration, to provide coast to cost high speed rail. The Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, which made it illegal for a single private business to both provide public transport and supply electricity to other parties, caused great difficulties for the streetcar operators which were frequently also generators of electricity. [email protected] Fueling the EV Evolution with Supercapacitors and batteries. Provider of Wholesale Li-Ion and Graphene UltraCapacitors Free engineering services for initial product design.
Are you designing a product that requires ultra-capacitors and is being manufactured or installed in China or USA? Contact [email protected] Free engineering services. We can help you design your system for your EV or power grid solution. Tekresell offers sales of Factory Direct Wholesale Skeleton Technologies product that is 2 to 4x more power than Maxwell. Half the weight of Maxwell UC's Cycles of 1 million plus 20 year product life UltraCapacitors SuperCapacitors are ideal for a wide variety of applications. Our design engineers can help you design your future EV,bus,train, trolley, power grid, wind turbine, solar energy storage. Riversimple has proven how to use ultracapacitors to power an auto using a hydrogen fuel cell and supercapacitors to buffer and send the energy to the electric motors. [email protected] +86 18321959586 +1 954 924-1800
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Dec 5, 2016