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Jaren May
A decade Sting did not care that someone in the world waiting for him new songs. He made no secret of this and continued to swarm in the favorite classics and Christmas melodies. Today, he still is not less, but - nice detail - the new songs available. Thanks to the updated top 100 songs of 2017, which he is going to run on Broadway in 2014. If not for this production, most likely, no «The Last Ship» would not have happened. But Gordon Sumner is now a period of nostalgia for the native land, one of the shipyards of Newcastle survive obviously the last few days, and Sting decided to save, if not the plant itself, so at least the memory of it. About that updated top 100 songs of 2017. About that song. Huge communication with English folk updated top 100 songs of 2017 and music of the Middle Ages / Renaissance could not impose a mark on the heart of man. If you are in love with his 26-string lute, like Romeo in Juliet ( "I'm afraid of him," - once said in this connection about Sting Madonna), then be prepared that not only are you in it, but it will play on you . This is clearly reflected in the record «The Last Ship». At the local traditional songs for Sting form of intelligent pop updated top 100 songs of 2017 of our time, but the soul - pop century XIV or XV. Genre clothes he immediately changes as the costumes in the dressing room. Maybe within a single track to oscillate between a ballad and an anthem for choir performance ( «Dead Man's Boots»). Maybe reel in bossa nova, abundantly inkrustiruya her guitar in electricity ( «And Yet»). Can swim in the casual beauty of jazz piano chords ( «Practical Arrangement»). Can sailor's voice from the notorious dialectal accent for violin folk dances ( «What Have We Got?»). In general, all are kings. What to hide, this diversity gives the album its laxity and unbalances. As a single entity, «The Last Ship» read with great difficulty, he looks like a neat draft that Sting decided to show us, and not turning it into a clean copy. And it is normal for the drive, which is, in fact, acts as a promo of the musical. The integrity of the organic and the record appears completely on the other, is not a musical level. She - the very figure of Sting as a cultural giant, with all its memory, education, personal experience and a voice that does not sink or in a whirlwind of bagpipes or cotton sailors. Because what he was doing the last ten years, and this album in particular, the great cause to which very few people do not spit - it is nothing less than the history of updated top 100 songs of 2017 through looking for the connection to time. And he finds it. Songs «August Wings» and «Ballad of the Great Eastern» may be close to any person born in the last ten centuries. And, of course, is the kind of music that is customized to give the listener the more, the more carefully it is immersed in it. The second scroll «The Last Ship» - much more intense conversation than the first, and the third - the second. His lyrics, as always, plentiful and fascinating lectures like a professor of literature. And no matter what he broadcasts - on the recognition of the young lover or desecrated rights of shipyard employees. It still looks like an English mantra buried in which you can swim among the images and feel a small boat rocking on the soft waves of a big lake. Sting is an authority like the favorite school teacher, who is not ashamed to look in the mouth and catch every word. Worryingly one - as if he had not turned out to be the most recent ship of pop culture, which can not afford to go to the recording company with a lute office, said that he wanted to record a CD of songs of the XVI century, and his response will not be sent away.
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Dec 19, 2016