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Just think that much of this harmful anthropogenically-caused warming could have easily been prevented. If only someone had acted 50 years ago, and had promoted the widespread use of contraceptive medications and surgeries to eliminate all unplanned, unwanted and unneeded pregnancies, then the world's human population would have stabilized at about half of what it is today. Of course, those persons who live in denial that too many humans cause adverse detrimental effects to the world's climate system and ecosystems; are quite often the same persons who needlessly and thoughtlessly over-reproduce. More stupid humans does not make it more better; it just makes it more stupid. As it turns out, the proverbial canary had been singing for thousands of years (Plato, Aristotle, Tertullian, Malthus, Muir, Carson, among others), but we were too stupid to listen or care. Too late now. Too little, too late.
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2016 on Global warming 2016: Arctic spin at Arctic Sea Ice
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Dec 30, 2016