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Here you go ( they have been on sale in Australia for a few years now.
No, those that work with safety standards will recognize the value of this. Safety systems must be compartmentalized by software assurance level with guarantees that there can be no physical, spatial or other impact of software developed to a low assurance level apon a higher level software item. This type of system is typically used in aviation or automated rail application where the consequences of failure are human deaths. This is actually kind of exciting - the alternative is larger numbers of federated (but independent) systems where physical hardware is used to achieve separation. Cheers.
Oh, I should point out that I am not US based. BH.
@Arnold Yes, I saw that article, and am frankly dismayed. Unbelievable that in absolute terms the smaller cars are worse than a truck. Regards, BH.
I realize that I am ultimately just contributing to what will be a flame war, but seriously - @Lad! We are in a period of transition. People should purchase vehicles fit for purpose. These modern Diesels are not particularly smelly or smokey, granted NOx emissions remain excessive (and that will likely be the death of the Diesel engine ultimately). I'd hate to see one of these beasts wasted on trips to the corner shop to buy milk, but to suggest that there are replacement Hybrid vehicles available to fill the role of an F-150, is more than a little disingenuous IMO. Regards, BH (A VW Diesel and GM Electric vehicle owner.)