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Elizabeth Pittenger
Shelton, CT
Interests: Carriage 2 In 1 Easywalker HARVEY This is the first sliding stroller that grows with your family. First, it is stylish, lightweight and compact stroller for a child , but with the appearance of a second child, Harvey may be "naroschena" with a simple adapter axis to become a stroller, tandem. You can combine with the seat and bassinet, car seat and seat, two seats in any desired combination on one base. The second seat unit you can buy separately. Harvey - stroller that will provide the best solution for each new stage of your family. A light weight. Using high-quality aluminum, which is also used in the aircraft industry, provided a stroller EasyWalker Harvey light weight only 11.4 kg (including the frame (8kg), seat unit, hood, bumper and a basket for storage), thus making it easy to clean and storage. The ideal height for all in every detail You can adjust the cradle and seat height, using special adapters. This gives you the opportunity to be close to your child, less bend, seating the child, or just to occasionally dine at the same table, walking around the city. Stylish telescopic handle, fine high-quality imitation leather - is regulated by your height. In tandem position, the oldest child, sitting in the seat unit on the bottom tier, can easily shrink yourself into it, and just as easy to get out. Wheels from Harvey filled with solid foam, which makes them durable and easy and stable stroller. You can easily roll or rotate the carriage, driving with one hand, and to enjoy it even in tight spaces or on winding roads. Thanks to the wheel bearings and amortization on each front and rear wheel, your child will be as comfortable as sitting or sleeping, regardless of the road surface, terrain, no matter where you choose not to be. The front wheels can be locked backstop rotation for direct drive. Brake rear wheels (connecting the left and right wheel). Harvey Cradles can withstand weight up to 9 kg each, used from birth. These cradles have been successfully tested for the possibility of their use for a night's sleep, so no need to buy a separate cradle, which is used in the first months after the birth of a baby. At cradle soft, washable lining, soft and thick mattress (3 cm), detachable wash the mattress pad. The cradle is convenient for you height, to be closer to your child. Harvey promenade block can be used to support the weight of six months and up to 15 kg (in each seat). The seat stroller seat can be installed facing forwards and against the motion. It has a 4 position tilt, the child can sit up straight or lying down to rest. Adjustable podnozhka- 4 position. Kapor recreational unit has 2 sections, including 1 section of the zipper. Kapor cradle has a viewing window. * Most car seats can be easily fixed to the frame using adapters with one click, so that if the child sleeps in the car, no need to pick it up and transplanted into the carriage. List of car seats: BeSafe IziGo Aton the Q Plus is the Cybex the Cybex Cloud the Q Joie Gemm the Maxi cosi Cabriofix Maxicosi of Citi 2 Maxicosi of Citi the SPS Maxicosi the Pebble Maxicosi the Pebble Plus is Nuna Pipa is When complete stroller optional adapter, it can be used for transportation of twins or children of different ages, while keeping its core functions (easy folding, reversible seat, ...) The best value for money for the family. Design Noble natural colors, fashionable and delicate texture, soft and simple lines- everything to adequately distinguish you from the crowd! two perfectly match colors used in each color scheme that looks so interesting, providing the perfect look and sleek design of the entire product. Easy care All the fabrics used are very soft and gentle, repel moisture and easy to clean, if your toddler spilled something. Hand wash permissible stroller seat seat cover, mattress cover cradle seat belts. Compact storage Pram Easy Walker Harvey can quickly add up to a simple movement, even without removing the seat. So the folded stroller fits easily in the trunk of even a small car under the stairs or in the closet. Shopping for clothes Easy Walker Harvey also has a large storage basket under the stroller body , where you can easily place food, toys or accessories (it is recommended to carry up to 5 kg). In addition, the stroller handle has hooks on which to hang the more extra packages bag. Protection for all 4 seasons In Easywalker Harvey more hinged hood, which can hide the child from excessive sunlight and protect from UV radiation (UPF 50). In addition, you can purchase additional accessories, which will help provide comfort your child at any time years- is a raincoat, an umbrella from the sun, a winter mat, envelope-clutch leg cape on legs, etc. so that no natural phenomena like wind, sun, rain and snow will not interfere with walking. Safety belt 5-point harness with soft pads gently and securely fix the child in the stroller. Bumper sitting unit is easy to use and easy to remove, it provides additional support for the small hands of the child. guaranteed quality Easywalker Stroller Harvey has been tested according to strict European standards (EN1888) for recreational and block (EN1466) for the basket corresponds to the instructions on fire safety and chemical substances REACH.
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Jan 8, 2017