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Hi guys, sorry I hadn't looked for an answer on my question since the 3rd of februari, and I see it brought many interesting answers... Thank you for that!!! I appreciate everyones input very much!! First of all I'm pretty new on these subjects, actually got interested and followed arctic forums since december 2015, when I suddenly realized something really odd was going on in the arctic... Allright, to the point now..., what I am wondering is what the effect on seatemperature and airtemperature in the arctic (also above land, e.g. Greenland) will be when lets say in a few years in september all seaice is gone, and for instance a year later in August all ice is gone, and again a year later in July etc... As my idea is that more and more heat will warm the arctic ocean but also the nearby land (such as Greenland)... but I'm wondering in what speed this will happen (how many degrees C will the arctic ocean and the land heat up each year, from the year that we start having an icefree summer, having each following year a longer icefree summer, e.g. Every following year a month longer icefree summer... which could happen because of the extra heat build up in the arctic Ocean every year... Just the above I'm interested in when we further leave all other effects out, and suppose that all other changing effects (such as changings of wind directions or maybe faster water flowing out of the arctic, or extra vapour etc...)... stay the same (which they won't)... but to keep it simple... Behind my question, if that could be adequately answered somehow, my second question is: given these supposedly increasing temperatures, what extra effect will this have on the accelleration of the melting of Greenland ice... and of course in the speeding up of sealevel rise... In case you didn't know, I am living in the Netherlands at about 20 feet below sealevel... so, sealevel rise (everyone says oh that is just a few mm each year, but I think that could quickly speed up to some cm's each year in maybe a decade from now..., and where is the end of it...) is becoming an important issue very soon...
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Hello there, I am wondering what will happen if in a few years no ice will be left over in the arctic to melt... the heat that now goes into the ice to melt it, must go somewhere else like the sea itself and I am wondering if models have taken into account the extra accelleration (feedback) this will bring about in the rising of arctic and global temperature rise... this must be, I guess, a big contributor to extra heat absorption in the oceans... Is there someone who can tell a bit more about this soon to happen phenomena? I would be pleased... Furthermore with the extra heating of the ocean in the Northern Hemisphere, how long will it take that this extra heat have its effect on Antarctica? And in what manner and accelleration and timeleap... Thanks, Best regards, Geert Diederen The Netherlands-Europe
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Feb 3, 2017