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Hi Joe, I am a 36 year old competitive mountain biker. I generally race in the top 10 in my age category, but I am looking to move up to the top 5 (age Cat) and possibly even get into the top 10/ top 15 overall. I have been reading several of your articles with interest. I train about 10-12 hours a week and have recently finished your Cyclists Training bible and I monitor my training with Training Peaks. I don't have a power meter.. and cant afford one yet!! I race about twice a month and my general distance is about 60km Mountain bike Marathons, but I also do XCO on and off. My challenge is around getting my blend of intensities right. I have recalibrated my HR monitor as recommended in your Cyclists training bible using your tables. According to Training Peaks my heartrate for the past 3 months is: Z1: 36% Z2: 26% Z3:15% Z4:10% Z5: 3.5% Z6: 3% Z7: 4.9% What I am trying to establish is, am I training in the right zones at the right intensities with that blend? I read another of your articles saying that intensity trumps volume almost every time. Do I need to spend more time in higher zones and less in 1,2 and 3? Am I doing too much volume at low intensity? Thanks in advance.
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