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Otto Dagger
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I look for air/water pollution in the U.S. to stay about the same during the next few years during Trump's stay in the WH. Everyone will just use the U.S. court system to tie things up for him and the rino party. It's worked on the travel ban issue so far.
Will this process ever scale into useful fuel volume or not? I.C.E. transport will be around for a very longtime. Electric car sale volumes will only grow very slowly over many decades into the future. E-cars have great marketing by some companies, but show me the sales numbers instead. Cool it on the climate change issue already, I get it and don't really care about it.
There are many known risk factors for preterm birth so the point here is? ICEVs transports the worlds goods and people about. EVs are not going to get the job done. Also, you like rain don't you?
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Feb 19, 2017